Peter Guber

Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group | Championship NBA Team Owner

Fly in the Red Zone Where Failure Lurks, but Where the Greatest Opportunity for Success Lies

“The most successful companies and leaders must generate new ideas, unleash the creative talent of their people, move innovative thinking throughout their organization, overcome resistance, and have an accelerated time to market that leaves competitors in the dust.”

With his vast experience,  Peter is uniquely positioned to educate business professionals on how to succeed in any field.

Peter Guber is a master at reinvention and staying ahead of the curve. His diverse career encompasses 40 years of experience that has propelled him to success as an executive, entrepreneur, TV personality, professional sports team owner, and bestselling author. Behind all of his recognizable entertainment and media, Peter was honing the all-important skills of motivating employees, building winning teams, magnifying creativity, and enhancing communication.

In his keynote presentations, Peter draws from his vast experience, sharing first-person stories that provide strategies and tactics to help audience members change their Monday morning.

As an author, he has created tools that demonstrate his commitment to this process to inform and ignite the newest leaders in the business community.

A Passionate, Humorous And Tireless Motivator, Peter Guber is a Sought After Speaker, Sharing Messages on Various Topics Including:

  • Leading in Uncertain Times
  • Thriving in a Culture of Risk
  • Surviving Systems of Change
  • Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • The Power of the Purposeful Story
  • Exponential Growth and Business Success
  • Inciting Creativity as an Organizational Imperative
  • Marketing –There’s No Business Without Show Business
  • Sales – Aim at Their Heart Not Their Wallet
  • Communication – Connection Must Trump Transaction
  • Execution – Action Without Vision and Purpose is a Nightmare
  • Leadership – If You Are Not at the Front of the Parade the View Never Changes
  • Management – The Talent to Lead is the Elixir to Succeed
  • Entrepreneurship – Trekking Between Treasures and Time Bombs
  • Company Culture – It’s the Gift That Keeps on Giving

“The JP Morgan clients have not stopped talking about you! They just loved their evening at Paramount with your riveting talk. We used many of your points the next day during our presentations. Thank you for your time, your energy and your wisdom – we were blessed with all three.”
CEO of Wealth Management, JP Morgan Chase

“Peter Guber was amazing – a wonderful way to begin our conference! Everyone enjoyed him tremendously, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback about his presentation and his humor!”
Kay Dowgun, Associate Director, 2009 Annual Wharton Leadership Conference

“I wanted to thank you for contributing to the success of our Senior Leadership meeting here at Cisco last week. I am pleased to say that your score placed you in the top 3 of all presenters (over 30 presenters) at the event. Great job.”
Greg Thomas, Sr. Director, Cisco

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Peter Guber is Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group. Prior to Mandalay, Peter was Chairman and CEO of Sony Entertainment, Chairman and CEO of Polygram Entertainment, Co-Founder of Casablanca Record & Films and President of Columbia Pictures. He produced or executive produced (personally or through his companies) films that garnered five Best Picture Academy Award nominations (winning for Rain Man) and box office hits that include The Color Purple, Midnight Express, Batman, Flashdance, The Kids Are All Right and Soul Surfer.

Peter is operating Owner of the 2015, 2017, and 2018 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Owner and Executive Chairman of Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). He is Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board and an investor for NextVR, which provides exclusive access to sports, music, and entertainment immersive experiences in virtual reality. Peter Guber is Co-Executive Chairman of aXiomatic, a broad-based esports and gaming company, and Co-Owner of Team Liquid, a premier esports organization and among the industry’s most storied and respected brands. Peter Guber is a Regent of the University of California and has been a professor at UCLA for 40 years.

Peter is a noted author with works including Shootout: Surviving Fame and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood, which became a 7-year television series on AMC which he hosted. He wrote the cover article for the Harvard Business Review titled, The Four Truths of the Storyteller. His most recent business book, Tell to Win – Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, became an instant #1 New York Times bestseller.


Leaders in uncertain times cannot wait for a return to “normalcy.” This is not the moment to be risk averse. You must be an agent of change or you’ll soon find yourself and your organization in a permanent state of “dormancy.”

Achieving success in today’s high-consequence, highly uncertain, and rapidly-changing world requires that leaders be adept in living and acting out of their comfort zones. Organizations must keep a keen eye for incremental change, but leadership must look for exponential opportunities.

Through Peter Guber’s four decades of business experience across diverse industries, he’s organized certain F.A.C.T.S. that are crucial to leading and succeeding in uncertain times. Be motivated by a renowned leader who knows how to gain and sustain competitive advantage during times of uncertainty.

Stories are a misunderstood, misused, and underutilized asset in business. The ability to tell a purposeful story well can be a highly powerful  professional tool that can propel success for anyone in any industry. In this entertaining, enlightening and informative presentation, “StoryMan” Peter Guber shares his methodology of how to employ purposeful storytelling to sell more products/services, rebrand your product or company, lead more persuasively, manage more effectively, inspire greater creativity, and foster deeper collaboration.

What is the secret sauce behind…

  • Turning an NBA franchise from worst to first and winning 3 championships in 4 years?
  • Building world-class stadiums and venues?
  • Rallying an enterprise to embrace a new technology?
  • Producing Academy Award-winning movies?

The secret sauce is building a winning team. Few create high performance, winning teams in diverse industries with repeated success like Peter Guber.

Rich in stories spanning his vast career as a successful executive and entrepreneur, Guber reveals three core navigational stakes critical to define, design, create, and implement a winning team: a robust culture, a tolerance for risk, and the ability for every member to articulate the promise, process and product.

Areas of expertise

  • Basketball
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneur
  • Innovation
  • Real Estate
  • Leadership Speakers
  • Management
  • Marketing
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