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THE POWER OF WHY: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace

Elevating Business Performance In Today's Marketplace

Richard Weylman is in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, the recipient of the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE) and is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP).

Richard has a worldwide reputation for helping clients better understand how to make the changes necessary to attract and retain new customers, as well as the right talent to elevate business performance.

As an impactful keynote speaker and workshop leader Richard will bring his expertise to your audience, blending timely and provocative research with the right amount of humor and inspiration they can take away and use immediately.

He has delivered over 2,500 keynote speeches on four continents to audiences of 20 to 40,000 and is a master at tailoring his presentations to the specific needs of your audience.

Richard provides relevant strategies & prescriptive tactics to help you:

  • Learn how to build a business of distinction in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Learn the new leadership skills that are required to attract, develop and retain key talent.
  • Learn how to capture the attention of new customers to drive more profitable business.
  • Learn how to move customers from being merely “satisfied” to delighted advocacy.

Research–based Keynote Presentations that “Deliver Changes in Mindsets and Skill Sets”

Keynote Presentations  

  • How to Communicate Your Value to Gain the Competitive Edge
  • Delivering an Elevated Experience that Creates Positive Word of Mouth
  • Creating a Business of Distinction
  • Discover Hidden Markets to Find Profitable Growth
  • Successfully Leading Your Team into The Future

Please note: These presentations are fully tailored for the attendees and their offerings and can be modified in length, delivered in a workshop format and include handouts as requested, for audience members. Other presentations are also available to meet your content needs.


“Our work with Richard Weylman and his team has resulted in a Unique Value Promise that now serves as the unifying concept for our marketing, sales and communications initiatives. With his team’s coaching and support, we applied his well-tested, proven and documented approach to selecting and interviewing clients, analyzing and synthesizing their feedback and then crafted a phrase that captures 25 years of vision and purpose.”
Robert Sun, Chairman and CEO – Suntex International

I recommend Richard Weylman for any type of meetings an organization is having, whether they be regional, national or international. Richard has presented to our 8,000 members many times and he always receives rave reviews.”
Bonnie Godsman, Chief Executive Officer, GAMA International

“This year has been transformational due to the Weylman Center usage!  It was truly awesome to have you here!  Great job presenting at our events.”
Scott Newman, Executive Vice President, West Region of AXA Advisors

“Thank you so much for the great visit last week in NC. I have been singing your praises to National and I hope an agreement is reached whereby you help develop curriculum just for Morgan Stanley.”
Autumn M. Buracker – Complex Business Development Manager – Morgan Stanley

“Richard is a grand slam; we love the guy and our firm does as well.”
Phillip C. Richards, CFP, CLU, RHU – Chairman & CEO – North Star Resource Group

  • Athene
  • AXA Financial Services
  • Bank of America
  • Hightower
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • UBS
  • John Hancock
  • Guardian Life Insurance
  • Touchstone Mutual Funds
  • Mass Mutual
  • GAMA Asia
  • Albridge/Pershing
  • Brighthouse Financial
  • LPL
  • GAMA  U.S.A.
  • Bank Leumi
  • Suntrust Bank
Travels From:  Florida
City: Sarasota
$10,001 to $15,000


Over the past three decades Richard Weylman has established a worldwide reputation for helping hundreds of clients better understand how consumer trends and expectations are creating enormous opportunities for profitable growth. Most importantly, he communicates how to make the organizational and professional changes needed to attract and retain new customers and talent to effectively elevate business performance.

He has authored three landmark books; two of which are international best sellers, including his most recent, The Power Why- Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace- an best seller as well.

Richard’s Accolades include:

  • Forbes Media calls Richard’s content & presentations “brilliant.”
  • The Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE)
  • Induction into the Professional Speakers Hall Of Fame
  • Direct Selling Association Partnership Award for measurable impact on member companies
  • Nominee for the Horatio Alger Award

Richard was orphaned at the age of six, and spent his childhood living in 19 different foster homes and attending 11 different schools.  However, he has always framed that life experience as great training; “no problem meeting and connecting with new people!”

He believes in philanthropy and provides ongoing support for many organization


Being “different” is not enough to stand out in the marketplace. Today’s buyer engages based upon the distinctive value they perceive you offer. Based on his current CEO Read’s bestseller, The Power of Why – Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, Richard demonstrates how prospects define value. Most importantly, he provides innovative strategies and proven tactics to communicate your value to gain the competitive edge. Every sales, marketing professional and business leader will understand the value they bring to the marketplace and be able to communicate the unique advantages their products or services deliver from the buyer’s perspective.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How do you currently answer the question, WHY should I do business with YOU?
  • The importance of having the right answer so that you can tell “Your Story.”
  • How to position yourself and your practice so qualified people see the value and want to engage.
  • Closing the value gap so your recommendations resonate as the solution they seek.
  • Communicating the emotional value of your offerings so pricing pressures are significantly reduced.

Good service is no longer good enough. In a demand economy, people want an elevated experience and it is a key part of how customers and prospects assess and determine value. No longer is it enough to be transactionally efficient, every team member, regardless of their role, needs to deliver an elevated experience to set themselves and the organization apart from all others. The key components that consumers express when asked what constitutes an elevated experience and the actionable tactics to execute are detailed.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • Why great or even personal service is no longer enough to retain their business.
  • How a customer or prospect’s overall experience is an integral part of their perception of real and perceived value.
  • Why an elevated experience illustrates a relational approach over a transactional approach.
  • How the delivery of an elevated experience becomes a clear point of distinction from others in the marketplace.
  • How to elevate your customers experience and create emotional chemistry, stronger relationships, repeat business, and brand advocacy.

Based upon empirical research, Richard identifies the four key business components that consumers and business buyers say sets a business apart so that it is perceived as distinct from all others in the community. Using that research as a backdrop, Richard details how attendees can expand their vision for their business and position themselves distinctly in their community so that it is authentically received. In addition, he gives actionable insight on how to elevate the customer experience so that attendees truly become known as the business or team of choice.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • The power of vision and its importance in strategic decision making.
  • The need for distinct marketplace positioning and the path to authentic distinction.
  • How to clearly articulate and influence outcomes.
  • Why the experience of the customer drives their loyalty.

This presentation, for sales and marketing professionals and leaders, speaks to the empirical research that 87% of individuals belong to some organization that supports what they do for a living, recreation or their special interest. Consequently, Richard delivers specific strategies and prescriptive tactics they can use to uncover hidden opportunities to target and acquire more of the right customers.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How 87% of individuals network and communicate with one another and why it matters.
  • Why your current customer base is full of leverageable markets and networks that are just waiting to be uncovered.
  • How to clearly identify and uncover those hidden markets and networks and move forward.
  • The most effective ways to be highly visible and a “go to” resource in your chosen markets.
  • How to leverage your best customer relationships to gain a steady flow of targeted, warm introductions to the right prospects, not just some random referrals.
  • How to improve your social prospecting skills with the exact words that enable you to confidentially move from “meeting people” to “meeting with people.”
  • How to proactively execute and make the changes that will move you into growth.

Leading a multi-generational workforce, increasing productivity, as well as improving recruiting and retention are just a few of the issues facing every leader today. Whether they are CEO, president, department head or team leader, these issues require each to see their role through a different lens.  The lens of the individuals they lead and the external clients they ultimately serve.

Consequently, leadership at every level requires a clear definable vision of the future and a communication reset that delivers direction and promotes collaborative processes.

These required shifts, coupled with a caring culture that focuses your team on demonstrating the core values of your organization, ensures the future growth and sustainability of every organization. This presentation while inspirational in tone, calls all audience members to ask themselves the tough questions about how they currently lead and where they need to improve.


Areas of expertise

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Understanding the Affluent
  • Telling Your Story
  • Connecting to the Different Generations in the Marketplace
  • Leadership
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