Sam Silverstein

Accountability is a Way of Thinking Not a Way of Doing

Challenging Your Audience to Think Differently to Achieve Different Results

Sam Silverstein is regarded as an accountability expert who helps individuals and organizations achieve success through individual accountability for personal and organizational vision.

He is dedicated to helping companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability. Based on helping organizations develop what they believe in, clarify their mission, and understand what is in their control, Sam works to make this a more accountable world.

Sam incites success everywhere he goes. He leaves those he meets challenged towards results and encouraged towards greatness. The momentum towards success is propelled by eliminating excuses and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and outcomes

Sam uses unforgettable illustrations and paints vibrant, inspiring pictures for his audiences. Whether he’s presenting a keynote or facilitating a process, Sam can help your organization learn how to sell more, create more effective leaders, provide greater service and increase income despite trying times.


  • Non-Negotiable
  • No More Excuses
  • See the Solution– Facilitation
  • Building Accountable Teams– Organizational Development
  • The Accountable Leader – Organizational Development

“Your session delivered the perfect message at the perfect time! ‘No more Excuses!’ set the tone for a fast-paced and productive day. Attendees were upbeat and energetic as the rest of our program continued through the afternoon.”

– Northern Virginia Association of Realtors

“You were enthusiastically received by nearly 1,500 remodelers who were eager to hear what you had to say, then return to the worksite to put your words into action… I wish I could say that all of the over 200 speakers I work with annually were as conscientious and fun to work with as you. “

– National Association of Home Builders/Remodelers Council


“Your keynote address was inspiring, funny and one of the most entertaining I’ve ever heard. I have received numerous comments from attendees and they seem to agree that it was one of the best ever! Coming from this group, that is quite a compliment.”

– Executive Director, Optimists International

Sam’s Client List Includes…

  • Asia HRD Congress (Malaysia)
  • AXA
  • FAA Managers Association
  • Gate Petroleum Company
  • Lucent Technologies
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • National Human Resources Association
  • Pfizer
  • Prudential Insurance
  • RE/MAX
  • Westar Energy
Travels From:  Montana
City: St. Louis
$10,001 to $15,000


Entrepreneur, business expert, and international author Sam Silverstein’s battle cry of “No More Excuses” has been heard by companies and business professionals the world over. Accountability is today’s competitive advantage to reclaim market share and win the heart of a hyper-discerning consumer.

Motivational Speaker Sam Silverstein  knows how to get million-dollar results. His companies have sold upwards of $100 million in products and services, and he successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company.

Mr. Silverstein is the author of several books including No More Excuses, Non-Negotiable, and Making Accountable Decisions.

He speaks internationally, having worked with teams of companies, government agencies, communities, and organizations both big and small, including Kraft Foods, Pfizer, United States Air Force, and United Way.  Sam is the Past President of the National Speakers Association.


The Replacement for Traditional Leadership Training. Non-Negotiable. Freeing. Powerful. Defining.

A Non-Negotiable. It’s a decision—from which there is no retreat. It’s a positive standard you create that respects the rights of others—and is absolute. It reflects who you really are—and where you really want to go. In it lies your true source of personal power and control. It is the influential solution and purposeful focus to direct your life and organization to success.

For years organizations have focused on traditional leadership skills, customer service training and team building. Non-Negotiables—based on a personal belief system and mission—free you—and everyone else you work with. They define you and drive you.

Imagine a culture forged from the inside out—from individuals!—not from company handbooks. Imagine a working environment that reflects who you really are—and who everyone else really is on your team. Knowing your Non-Negotiables—and living them with all your might—determines this.

In this program Sam Silverstein will teach you how to identify what you deeply believe and are willing to stand for—and how to write your Non-Negotiables to live by. In this revealing process, you will awaken your own personal authentic power that will affect your family, your team, your organization—everyone around you.

You will experience how to:

  • ask the one key question that will help you form your Non-Negotiables
  • forge absolutes—standards set that are not open to debate
  • listen to your inner voice—the true source of your belief system—and  bring those beliefs into sharper focus
  • distinguish between your belief system and your personal mission
  • practice your new-found Non-Negotiables at home and at the office
  • influence others to fully align their beliefs with their actions
  • establish your Non-Negotiables in a way that respects the rights of others—and motivates them to raise their game to your standards, even if their belief system is different from yours!

Author of No More Excuses—The Five Accountabilities For Personal and Organizational Growth, Sam has taken this journey personally and implemented it into his organization. He has experienced firsthand the initial power of accountability and the subsequent freeing power of Non-Negotiable after spending two years in a case study Happy State Bank of Texas—a growing bank with 32 locations with an excess of $2 billion in assets. Explore how their Non-Negotiables built a sustainable culture honoring The Golden Rule. Through Sam’s coaching, you, too, will learn the power and principles of Non-Negotiables–and how they can direct your course and transform your organization.

“I know what it means to be a leader. I know what it means to create a culture around a shared belief system that expresses itself in action—and see the longevity and success it creates. True success can be a reality for you, your family, your team, your organization—and your customers and clients. It happened for me—and it can happen for you and your business. Let me show you how. Let me demonstrate the power of identifying your belief system, mission in life, and taking a stand for what is Non-Negotiable in your life.”

–Sam Silverstein

Why Do Some Success While Others Fail?

Success starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results.

For over 30 years, Sam Silverstein has led thriving companies, selling upwards of $100 million in products and services. He has witnessed successful people fail, and seen underdogs triumph. He has distilled his invaluable experiences and observations into a message companies need now more than ever.

Sam presents the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. Sam shows how to increase success and significance in business and in life, and will challenge your group to take an honest look at themselves. Attendees discover what important road-blocks are keeping them from achieving their goals. Application of Sam’s principles improves leadership, increases sales and improves customer service. By simply creating a culture based on accountability organizations, grow stronger.

“No More Excuses” has been hailed by planners as “the perfect message at the perfect time.” As an opening presentation, it becomes a powerful touchstone for audience members and sets the tone for personal accountability for the remainder of the event. As the conference closing message, attendees internalize the significance of accountability in the post-event “real” world.

Motivation / Inspiration
Accountability is the catalyst to achieve previously unattainable goals and experience unprecedented success.

Sales / Customer Service
Accountability is today’s competitive advantage to reclaim market share and win the heart of a hyper-discerning consumer.

Leadership / Teamwork
Accountability encourages top-down transparency, and builds trust in a fragile and turbulent workplace.

Visually Exploring Complex Topics to Deliver Critical Outcomes

See the Solution is a facilitated process that enables groups to fully explore complex topics, while making sense of this complexity. It involves and engages all group members on an equal footing, leading to coherence through dialogue. The process facilitates clarity of understanding and prepares the group for making the decisions that will lead to accountable action and results.

While it can be a part of a larger, fully facilitated strategic planning experience, See the Solution does not in itself bring about decisions or suggest actions related to any specific issues; the process helps the group to unlock their shared consciousness toward better understanding the context and the perspectives that surround the decisions they make and the actions they take.

See the Solution is designed to unlock and support constructive dialogue. It comprises a large collection of high-quality color images that are visually interesting and which covers almost every aspect of our complex environment. Participants become engaged and actively involved, thus creating an enabling environment within which the group can fully explore new ideas and possibilities.

First, the group agrees on the topic that it wants to explore (sometimes, the group or it’s leader knows exactly what the “real” topic is coming into the work-session with Sam, while at other times this may only emerge as a result of facilitated dialogue).

Then, each member of the group creates a collection of images that they intuitively or literally connect to the topic. For example, a person may choose a picture of a winding road and think, “This symbolizes the changes and redirections that face our team.”

As they later relate the connections between the topic and their selected images, group members tell their own stories or create metaphors about the topic from their point of view. Likewise, they hear the perspectives of others. This conversation brings about a more thorough and shared understanding of the topic, which can then lead to further action like establishing a vision, reaching a decision, assigning critical tasks and so on.

When does See the Solution work?

When a group is engaged in these (or similar activities):

  • Engaging in comprehensive facilitated strategic planning
  • Looking for patters in complex issues and making connections
  • Exploring different perspectives
  • Asking new questions
  • Crafting stories and creating metaphors
  • Tapping into the personal experience of group members
  • Articulating what is known to the group, but not discussed openly
  • Exploring new ideas
  • Imagining alternatives

See the Solution is an excellent way to set up and move directly to No More Excuses so your team members fully understand the accountable implementation of the achieved outcomes.

Facilitated work-sessions are suitable for all levels of staff and Sam is effective working with all levels of staff, ranging from blue-collar workers to executive teams. Sam knows facilitation and strategic planning from both sides as he is the former president and chairman of the board of a large organization. He knows what does and does not work in facilitated sessions designed to tackle complex topics. Your session will yield an enjoyable experience and deliver critical outcomes.

Develop and Lead Productive Teams

Building a great team is a skill and to be successful every team member must be accountable. Using Sam’s 5 Proactive Accountabilities participants will learn how to be effective in leading a team, recognize the talents each team member possesses. Sam will help individuals learn how to leverage the strengths of each team member for the success of the team. Team members will learn to function at a higher level as they recognize the power of synergy.

Sam will customize a program that will help your team identify their right things, prioritize what is important as a team, learn how to be an effective team member, define the team roles and responsibilities, and identify the strategic intent and goals of the team. Through highly energetic interactive exercises and application of the principles taught participants will develop the ability to trust and respect peers, communicate direction and expectations more effectively, learn how to create space for new ideas in a team setting, work together to manage constant change in the organization and develop the skills necessary to help everyone on the team remain accountable.

Upon completion of Building Accountable Teams participants will understand the vision of their organization and have the ability to understand the importance of the strategic intent and goals of the organization. In addition Sam will teach your team to effectively execute the directives from leadership and give them the tools and resources to create a collaborative environment that will allow individuals to achieve greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Major takeaways from Building Accountable Teams:

  • Clearly defining the strategic intent of the team
  • Identifying Right Things as a team
  • Matching individual skill sets with team functional needs
  • Mastering team communication skills
  • Effective team development
  • Managing the process as a team to overcome challenges
  • Articulating team expectations
  • Importance of team accountability
  • Coaching and mentoring team members

Building Accountable Teams connects the 5 Proactive Accountabilities™ with effective team building, effective team leadership and being an effective team member. Everyone involved will understand and connect the skills of highly accountable people with effective teamwork.

Developing Leaders… Creating Your Future

Great leaders want to develop great leaders. In The Accountable Leader Development Session Sam will empower participants to create an environment in their organization that cultivates and develops future leaders. This interactive session will give individuals the tools and resources to develop systems to help future leaders to accept responsibility, authority and accountability. Sam will give strategies to help the accountable leader with his/her personal growth while developing the skills necessary to lead others to their highest potential.

Sam’s enthusiastic and energetic presentation style will help leaders effectively communicate change in their organization in a positive light and give them understanding of how team members adapt to change. Leadership will develop the skills necessary to recognize the individuals in the organization who can help facilitate change from within the organization to maximize positive results. Sam is skillful at teaching leaders how to find leadership in unlikely places in the organization.

Sam equips the accountable leader with the ability to set priorities, understand the relationship between a disciplined lifestyle in the decision making process, and the courage to live without excuses. In addition participants will learn to lead across gender, age, race and ethnicity as they skillfully adapt the 5 proactive principles of accountability in their personal and professional lives. Participants will have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become an Accountable Leader and the responsibilities that come with great leadership.

Major takeaways from The Accountable Leader:

  • Be able to define and articulate the organizations vision and strategic intent
  • Mastering effective communication skills
  • Exploring different leadership styles
  • Facing change as an organizational leader
  • Leading with the effective use of stories
  • Identifying future leaders in the organization
  • Designing leadership development tracks for all levels of leaders
  • Becoming a servant leader
  • Connecting effective leadership with personal accountability

The Accountable Leader is designed for upper leadership teams including the executive suite. Participants will develop skills that enhance their current leadership style and leave them in a position to more effectively guide their team and organization into the future.

Areas of expertise

  • Individual Accountability
  • Accountable Leaders & Teams
  • Deliver Great Service
  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
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