Satya B. Mitra, Ph.D., EA, CFP®

President and CEO, Ph.D., E.A., CFP at The Guru Tax and Financial Services, Inc.

Igniting the Leadership Within You

Dr. Satya Mitra rose up from his poor childhood in rural India to become an influential business leader. In his presentation, The 5 C’s, he unveils the process that enabled him to thrive as a businessman, leader, philanthropist, family man, and neighbor.

By emphasizing how opportunities can arise from challenges, he shows how life’s negative incidents can turn into positive outcomes and offers invaluable advice on honing your entrepreneurship abilities and leadership skills, developing sustainable relationships, and expanding your influence by becoming a force for positive change.

Who is DR. Satya Mitra?

An exciting motivational speaker who captures and keeps his audience’s attention through his fascinating life story that has evolved in to a strong message of irresistible inspiration.

Growing up in India in poverty, without a mother and often homeless, Dr. Satya Mitra finished his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and came to the United States in 1976 to pursue a career in research. Then Dr. Mitra’s professional career changed.

He went on to run a Tax Consulting and Financial Services company in Worcester MA, and worked to help people grow and prosper through his message of empowerment and community service.

  • The 5 C’s: Common Sense Tips for Bringing Uncommon Success to Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Satya’s true life story was delivered with sincerity, passion, humor and emotion (words not usually associated with an accountant). He held the audience in the palm of his hand from the beginning to the end of his marvelous journey in much the same way a symphonic masterpiece builds and captures a spectrum of emotion and attitude from prelude to finale. His story and his delivery was an unforgettable feel good experience.
Paul Carpenter, H.D. Vest Advisor.

Was voted the Best Motivational Speaker by the audience.
I was inspired by Satya’s reminder that each of us has something to offer to the world around us. His positive message is packaged with laugh-out-loud humor and real life examples that I found entertaining and interesting.
LuAnn Colosimo, H.D. Vest Sr. Manager.

I apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to get back to you. Here are some of the specific comments regarding the “2012 Tax Update” that were received regarding your presentation at the 2012 Fall NERC Fall Conference in Mystic Connecticut.

“The quality of the speakers was the best in 5 years, Dr. Mitra’s tax discussion was a particular high point.”
“Tax update was great. Dr. Mitra was very interesting.”
“Dr. Mitra was the best speaker, he clearly knows his topic.”
Once again our special thanks for your time and efforts in making this presentation. Again many thanks for your wonderful tax presentation last September and I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss the next conference. Best Wishes for a great weekend!
Paul L. Foster Coordinator of Financial Operations

Travels From:  Massachusetts
City: Boston
$5,001 to $10,000


Dr. Satya Mitra grew up with challenges, under the burden of poverty and extremely difficult conditions during his childhood. His mother passed away when he was only three and a half years old. There were days and nights he spent as homeless. But, there were several people gave him support and encouragement that allowed him to be educated. Several occasions he felt many steps in his life were divinely arranged. From that very childhood, he had always thought that if some day he gets the opportunity and gets the blessings of the almighty, he would dedicate his life helping people and give them hope. He has always tried to get an answer what is the purpose of his being here, since he was born about 12 years after his older brother!

Dr. Mitra finished his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from India and came to USA in 1976 to pursue his career in Bio-medical research. But things changed for some divine reasons and he became a tax consultant and financial planner. In 1990, he established his own tax consultancy and financial planning practice and now he is the President and CEO of his firm named “The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc.” located in Worcester, MA. For the last 25 years he has not only raised a successful and reputable business but also used the success of this business helping community in various ways. Dr. Mitra strongly believes that every one of us is here not only for ourselves but to be there for others as well, especially every business owner must dedicate themselves in the service of the community they run the business in.

He is a humanitarian and community server. Dr. Mitra is a member and Vice Chairperson of the Planning Board of city of Worcester, a Board member of Tower Hill Botanical Garden, the Latino Community, the Foundation Board of Worcester State University and a Corporator of Worcester Art Museum and Greater Worcester Community Foundation. He was the President of Worcester Rotary Club; India Society of Worcester and Indian American Forum for Political Education, Boston.

Satya is the recipient of the Community Service Award and Action Hero Award. He is also recognized by the Mayor of the City with the Key to the City of Worcester.

He is profoundly passionate to do motivational speaking and inspiring his audience to find the purpose in life, to be an effective and successful leader and to get involved in helping others. He believes that impact of motivation is very powerful. He wants to inspire people through his powerful speeches so that everyone contributes to bring a balance in the world. Dr. Mitra is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and NSA New England. He has delivered several motivational speeches within USA and internationally. He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Not Only Money” where he inspires the community to take ownership and be a part of the process and make the community a better place to live.

He hosts a weekly radio program entitled “Not Only Money” where he inspires the community to take ownership in community projects, and be a part of the process and make a difference to make the community a better place to live.

His inspiration is the blessings from his Guru (family priest) and constant support from his wife Sheema and his two sons Abiskar and Alingon.


Running a prosperous, resilient company is the goal of every entrepreneur, but there are essential steps to success that most people miss.

In this presentation, Dr. Mitra will help you better serve your business, clients, employees, and community with a quintet of common-sense practices every business person should master.

1. Connect: Relationships are built and nurtured through connection. Connection is a powerful tool to grow your business. Don’t let another day pass without tapping into that power.

2. Communicate: Timely communication generates a sense of reassurance and confidence in your clients or customers and helps you retain them. Communicate with your employees and involve them in the business; take their opinions and suggestions. It results in employees feeling invested in the company, and they feel a sense of ownership. Honor, recognize and reward them for their good work. Orient them to communicate properly with your clients. Poor communication with clients and with employees is a losing proposition—period.

3. Create: Creativity can awe your clients and customers. Your personalized and unique innovations will stun people and make you memorable to them. They’ll become loyal to your brand and tell others about the one-of-a-kind services or products you offer. By exercising creativity, you will make your business extraordinary and outstanding.

4. Confidence: Knowledge is the key source of confidence. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential for you to make time to learn everything you can about your field. Lack of knowledge leads to insecurity, poor business practices and losing clients. When you are a true expert, your clients will see that confidence and feel that they must consult with you. Learn well and feel confident like an expert.

5. Contribute: Though giving should be motivated by your values and not in expectation of a reward, contributing to the community does build a positive reputation for your business. People will see you not only as a business owner but also as a person who cares. Make giving an integral part of your business and life.

6. Leadership: Be a leader and part of the process in the community. Every day, tell yourself, “I can do it!” Inspire and challenge yourself first to put yourself in a position to inspire and motivate others. Win the hearts of your team by being concerned about them, sacrificing for them, setting a firm goal for them and walking together with them towards that goal.

7. Ownership: Whether you are leader or entrepreneur, in every assignment you undertake, take the ownership. Think it is yours, and you will do your best. And by doing your best, you will always bring the best result.

8. Family Support: You must have a spouse who understands and supports you as a diehard fan and as a true cheerleader. Your children must inspire you to go for it.

9. Dream: Dream high! Dream is the precursor of reality. Respect your values, be fearless, and express yourself. Have faith, and don’t let yourself get down. In all negative happenings there is an element of positivity, look for that. This is America, where your talent is respected and you are encouraged to achieve the best. President Ronald Reagan gave us the American slogan, “It can be done!” I am certain you can also make your dream come true.

10. The Essence: The true essence of successful entrepreneurship is giving back to the community and touching another life.


Areas of expertise

  • Running a Successful Business
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Tax Consulting
  • Financial Services

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