Tim Kight

Founder and President of Focus 3

Become The Best Version of You

Average people wing it. Good people have a plan. Exceptional people use a system.

Tim Kight is the Founder and President of Focus 3, a firm whose mission is to help companies around the world align the power of leadership, culture, and behavior to achieve next level results.

A dynamic communicator, Tim focuses on the critical factors that distinguish great organizations from average organizations. He delivers a powerful message on the mindset & skills at the heart of individual & organizational performance.

Most recently, Tim has worked closely with Urban Meyer and the Ohio State football team as the Buckeyes’ leadership coach. His work with Ohio State has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN.

Mr. Kight is the author of several high impact training programs: The R Factor, Lead Now, The Power of Culture, Winning, and Attitude Matters.

  • The R Factor: Maximize the one thing you control
  • Lead Now!
  • The Performance Driver Model: Building and Leading a High-Performance Organization
  • Behavior Style: How to use your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and be more flexible
  • Making the Connection: How to build high-impact relationships
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City: Columbus
$20,001 to $30,000


Tim Kight is an incredibly dynamic speaker. He is a great combination of extremely high intelligence mixed in with great experience around some of the best leaders in the world, including legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.

Companies across the United States are recognizing speaker Tim Kight as a powerful voice on the performance of people and organizations. With a contagious energy, Tim provides insight into the “physics of performance.”

Tim’s ability to connect with and inspire individuals, teams, and leaders has yielded exceptional reviews from organizations throughout the country. A dynamic speaker, Tim combines a unique background of research and practical experience to bring compelling insights to the real-world challenges of leading, managing, and winning in today’s competitive marketplace.

After briefly attending Ohio State University, Tim Kight received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and graduate degree from Princeton. He has 25+ years of experience consulting in healthcare, banking, professional services, manufacturing, and athletics. He now lives in Columbus, OH.


A breakthrough resource that has resonated with audiences worldwide!

Unlike many other keynote presentations, The R Factor immediately equips people with tools and skills to produce better results at work and at home. Using the simple but powerful framework of E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome), The R Factor teaches people how to “Manage the R.”

Life is constant flow of events. But success is not determined by the events you experience. Success is determined by how you choose to “Manage the R.” E+R=O is how life works. Our job is to get good at it.

Performance cannot be declared. It must be led. The challenge is to break through personal barriers and become a great leader, not just someone in a leadership role. Lead Now! focuses on the fundamental disciplines that leaders must get right: Build Trust (through character, competence, and connection) & Achieve Results (through clarity, accountability, and support). The performance of an organization will be no better than the effectiveness of its leaders.

Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results it’s getting. Effective leaders understand and manage five key performance drivers: Culture, Strategy, Process, Structure, and People. They focus on how these “Five Drivers” perform as a business system that meets the needs of customers – in order to drive revenue, profit, and loyalty.

Your behavior style significantly influences the way you perceive and process information, think, communicate, manage your emotions, and respond to change. Awareness of your style is important to being your very best at all times. It will help you use your strengths with confidence, build new skills, and communicate and connect better with people. One style is not effective for all situations. Style rigidity will get you in trouble; style flexibility will help you be more effective.

Most people want great relationships, but not everyone gets them. Why? Because you don’t get the relationships you want; you get the relationships you build! Your ability to connect with others is determined by how well you do four things: Care Deeply, Listen Carefully, Communicate Your Message Effectively, and Adjust Your Style Appropriately. If you want to improve any relationship in your life, the place to begin with is yourself!

Areas of expertise

  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Business Leaders
  • Management
  • Teamwork & Teambuilding
  • Strategy Organizational Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
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