Vince Vitiello

President of Global Diversity Marketing: Acquiring New Customers Through Diversity

Over 50% of the pop. in the 10 largest U.S. cities is multicultural. Are you taking advantage of this?

Vince Vitiello is a 30 year sales and marketing executive with expertise in the financial services industry, where he is a known thought leader in multicultural marketing.

Vince provides consulting, business leadership, and speaking services. He illustrates how organizations and individuals tap into the potential marketing opportunities within the exploding multicultural markets as well as the benefits of creating a diverse workforce.

Today, U.S. consumers and employees are changing rapidly. Over 50% of our population are women, nearly 35% are multicultural and over 25% are millennial. As the marketplace changes, “one-size-fits-all” marketing has become less effective.

If you are struggling to connect with new Americans, Vince can help.

  • Leveraging Diverse Markets: The Changing Face of America

This program is customized to meet the needs of the audience and their clients

In the financial services industry Vitiello IS the expert marketer for the diverse markets. Not only was he the primary architect at MetLife, but he was able to repeat his success at various other financial institutions. He had created a repeatable, step by step process that has delivered huge results.
Bob Benmosche, Former President and CEO, AIG

Having worked closely with Vince at two major Insurance Company’s he has been that rare combination of creative ideas and outstanding achievements. His work in identifying and capturing new markets paved the way toward future profits. When one looks to see the future Vince is already there.
Chuck Kavitsky, Former CEO, Allianz of America

Vince has been a friend and supporter of the Chinese American Insurance Association for the past decade. He was honored by the Association in 2006 when he was Chairman, CEO and President of Allianz Life Insurance Co of New York for his work in the Chinese community as well as his commitment to advocate for a better quality of life through education seminars and financial planning for the Chinese consumers. He has a deep understanding of the Chinese Life market and has earned my utmost respect and unreserved recommendation as an expert in the Chinese life market.
Lynn Guan


Their Experience

  • Wells Fargo
  • Allianz
  • Wilson
  • Penn Mutual
  • ING
  • MetLife
  • Prudential
  • Nationwide
  • Pac Life
  • AXA
  • United Health Care
  • Prudential
  • Money Gram
  • Northwestern Mutual
Travels From:  New York
City: New York
$5,001 to $10,000


Vince began his career in sales with MetLife. Since then he has had both domestic and international senior sales and marketing positions with MetLife. He later joined Allianz , where he served as President and CEO of Allianz of New York, in addition to his role as Chief Marketing Officer of Allianz of America. In this role he led the marketing efforts of Allianz’s life insurance company as well as Fireman’s Fund, their property and casualty company.

At Allianz, Vince led an initiative to create marketing and diversity awareness for their organization in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Australia, and Germany. Later, Vince served as Chief Marketing and Distribution Executive Vice President for National Life. Prior to joining Global Diversity Marketing, he has developed a multicultural distribution sales team for the Producer’s Group.



Solving the Great Disconnect

  1. What % of your revenue comes from diverse markets
  2. What % of your workforce comes from diverse markets?
  3. What is your diverse market strategy?

The Challenge

Today, many companies are struggling to gain market share from new Americans. The U.S. can no longer be considered a “melting pot,” in which a multi-hued and polyglot population gradually mergers into a definable mainstream. Rather, we have become a salad bowl, in which many cultural segments blend while retaining their distinct shapes, characters and flavors. The changing face and behavior of our customers requires new non-traditional marketing and distribution strategies. As the marketplace changes, traditional “one-size-fits-all” marketing has become less effective. Today, our consumers are in the driver’s seat and they decide the new rules of engagement.

The Solution

Attract and engage your customers and employees in their preferred mode of communications. Global Diversity Marketing will provide a complete situation based solution to help you achieve your objectives. Global Diversity Marketing has made complex multicultural marketing concept simpler through our “ABCD” services. Whether you are in the initial stages of contemplating an entry to diverse markets or you are ready to execute revenue-generating multicultural strategies, you will find this approach useful.

Areas of expertise

  • Diversity Marketing
  • Global Diversity Marketing
  • Distribution & Talent Management
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Diversity & Inclusion

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