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"When the World Changes Around Us, We Need to Change the Way We Do Business"

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Inspirational speaker Art Mortell  is an entertaining speaker who delivers a message of great value, instilling within people ideas of substance that challenge, enlighten, and motivate them to take on new goals. He is an expert in sales and leadership training and is available to help your team build relationships, drive sales and deliver on the bottom-line.

As a professional speaker since 1967, he has given over 4,000 presentations:

600+ presentations for IBM,
500+ for Smith Barney,
400+ for Coldwell Banker,
300+ for Morgan Stanley,
300+ for Merrill Lynch,
100+ each for Wells Fargo and UBS

He has a Graduate Degree from the City University of New York, was a sales representative for IBM for five years and taught at Pasadena College for four years. Art also conducted executive conferences at Pepperdine University in Malibu as well as a guest instructor at California State College in a class entitled The Psychology of Emotions.

Art Mortell has presented internationally in Australia, Canada, France, England, Jamaica, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, and The Bahamas.

As an author, Art’s most recent books include:

  • An Adventure into Your Mind,
  • World Class Selling
  • Enjoy Failure, be Amused by Rejection, Thrive on Anxiety… and benefit from What-ever Happens


Financial advisors know what they need to do to develop their client base, gather additional assets with existing clients, and take their success to a higher level by developing more affluent clients.

The challenge is to understand why they might avoid prospecting for new business, developing stronger relationships with existing clients, asking for referrals and calling on more people.

Many financial advisors are reluctant to change the way they do business. They often feel satisfied with        their success, and have no desire to confront the unfamiliar. During these difficult times there are those who, for fear they might fail, be rejected and experience anxiety, are being protective instead of productive.

Risk oriented people enjoy failure, are amused by rejection and thrive on anxiety. They know how to make adjustments in their attitude, reactions, and pain threshold. Adversity is a maturing process that renews their humility, sharpens objectivity and makes them more resilient.

In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover…

– The key obstacles of why some financial advisors might avoid prospecting for new business or meeting personally with their clients to strengthen the relationship in the process of gathering additional assets.

– Why are they comfortable calling on people who are within their self-image rather than contacting more important people.

– That by identifying the objectives and obstacles above, we are able to develop solutions, of how they can create action steps that gains net new households, assets under management and wealthier clients.

The traditional sales strategy is product selling. We discuss the value of our products, versus our competition, and seek a positive decision. More recently we have transitioned to need or consultative selling. The focal point is to know why thy client. Rather than sales people selling products, we are consultants providing solutions.

The third and most important strategy is relationship selling. Our only two objectives are relationships and results. The better the relationship, the better the results.

This presentation focuses on understanding how to merge these three strategies together, of product, consultative and relationship selling and when to use which, to take your success to the next level.

Our results are a by-product of relationships. The better the relationships, the better our results. However, people are different. The type of relationship that one person prefers with us might irritate or distract someone else. Our challenge is to understand what is required to gain each person’s trust and confidence, so they feel comfortable depending on us.

Some people are sensitive, want to be liked and prefer a friendly relationship. Some people would rather be controlled and want us to take care of them. Other people are aggressive and need to be in control. Then there are people who do not want a relationship and prefer to be left alone.

This presentation focuses on understanding how each person’s unique personality, as well as realizing our own complexity, can help us resolve conflict, and develop strong relationships that assure our desired results.

Areas of expertise

  • Practice Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Client Development
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Relationships & Results
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