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Client appreciation events are a great way to make your clients feels good about their choice of advisor and to also turn them from clients into advocates. We provide you with a great group of speakers who can speak both inside and outside of financial planning. We help you bring in speakers that will appeal to your client’s interest not just their portfolio.

Admiral Robert Wray

Dedicated to Providing Leadership Principles to Navigate Difficult Waters

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Art Mortell

Bringing Sales Training & Leadership Development To Your Organization

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Bob Hartnett

Helping Your Clients Maximize Their Social Securty Benefits

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Brian Luke Seaward Ph.D

A Holistics Stress Management Expert Providing Practical Life Skills for Personal Growth and Professional Development

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Chris Johnson

On Target Living is the Leading Authority on Small Steps to Healthy Living

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Colette Gray

The Reverse Mortgage Specialist Who Helps Financial Professionals Helps Their Clients Successfully Age in Place

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