Colette Gray

The Reverse Mortgage Specialist and How to Choose the Right One

Helping Financial Professionals Help Seniors Successfully Age in Place

Colette A Gray was named an expert in the Reverse Mortgage field by the Wall Street Journal in 2011. 

She has been advising financial professionals and their clients on the benefits and pitfalls of reverse mortgages since 2005.  Reverses are truly great products provided you know how to choose the right one. She help advisors and seniors separate fact from fiction so they can determine what may make one reverse much better than another.

Once you understand how they work it’s easy to see which one would be the best product to choose, or if one may even be needed at all. Correctly applied, a Reverse Mortgage may defer mortgage debt, lower a senior’s tax base, or make them a better candidate for Medicaid/MediCal/SSI to make the most of what they have in their retirement years.

If you’re a CPA, Financial Planner, Insurance Specialist or Elder Care Attorney, you need to know what a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is and how they can really work for your clients

– What Fred Thompson and The Fonz Can’t Tell You About a Reverse Mortgage (For Advisors)

– What Fred Thompson and The Fonz Can’t Tell You About a Reverse Mortgage (For Client Events)

“best speaker in memory”… “Incredibly informative and knowledgeable”.

– Lynn Hayes
OC Bar Association Chair

“Now I get it.”  “I thought it was complicated until I heard you talk about it.”  “Other loan people talk about how much I could get out of my house.  You showed me what to do with what I may get.  Could you talk to my financial planner?”  “Wonderful–an intelligent presentation by a charming woman”.  “It’s not icky like I thought at all.”

– Peninsula Seniors

“Colette is a capable individual who presents an unbelievably versatile product.  She can speak my language and my clients’ language as well.”

– APD Financial Network principal

Colette’s Audiences Have Included Members from…

– APD Financial Network

– Ameriprise Financial

– Elder Care Attorneys Orange County Bar Association

– El Segundo Senior Center

– Milford Remax

– Peninsula Seniors at Fred Hesse Park

– Prudential Realty

– Remedy Pharm Torrance

– Riverside Association of Realtors

– Transamerica Financial Advisors

– Torrance Rotary Club

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City: Southern
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For many years, keynote speaker Colette Gray successfully owned and operated a service business catering to the needs of a mainly senior clientele. She saw first-hand how my clients coped with the issues of age and retirement. She also saw how some people she’d assumed were wealthy had lost huge portions their retirement accounts due to market downturns. They’d saved most of their lives to have that money in retirement and for many of them, it was no longer available.

When her own mother experienced a financial crunch she told Colette she’d been thinking about getting a reverse mortgage. Colette was concerned her mother might fall prey to some sort of scam. She decided to research the product herself.  Luckily, she was able to go right to HUD’s Reverse Mortgage Website to get some honest information.

Once she read about reverse mortgages she knew that this type of loan would suit her mother’s needs perfectly. She realized that if you understand how they work, many people could use them to have a better retirement.   The whole process took about six weeks to complete.

Since then she’s helped a lot of people get a better handle on how they would finance their retirement years. “I love the feeling I get from helping my borrowers age in place” she says.


In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover…

– Do Fred and Fonzie really get it?

– Reverse Mortgages;  the black sheep of the financial products world

– Why should you care?  Five powerful reasons to keep this product in your tool chest

– How to keep your clients from withdrawing more than their RMD’s

– Improving your bottom line by educating your clients

– Getting it done the easy way

In this dynamic presentation, you will discover…

– What is it?

– Is it safe?

– How the Reverse Mortgage industry got its black eye.

– Why this is now being considered one of the primary retirement

tools in financial services

– What to avoid when considering a Reverse Mortgage

– How benefits are calculated

– A safe way to add a spouse under age 62

– Why even consider a reverse mortgage?

– Helpful for house rich, cash poor borrowers but also what it

may do for mid & HNW clients

– What your Financial Planner sees

– Shifting the burden of health care to Medicare or MediCal.

– Retention of Assets

– Reducing income taxes

– Maximizing your Social Security benefits

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