Chris Johnson

On Target Living (OTL) is the Leading Authority on Small Steps to Healthy Living

Their Mission is to Improve the Health and Performance of the American Population

OTL has  trained over 40,000 people, hundreds of organizations both large and small, with one goal in mind…Optimal Performance. 

Testimonials from financial advisors are some of our best!  With a combination of both education and the desire to change, they are healthier and performing at higher levels than ever before.

They know that just providing an exceptional training event is not where you stop. Follow-up is a necessary component because the best questions come after an event.

  • – They focus on “small steps” that create BIG results: Our mantra at On Target Living is “Small
  •    Steps to Healthy Living”
  • – Your success is our success: We work to develop and create events you will remember for a
  •    lifetime
  • – They have fun: They want you to feel excited, energized and ready to take control of your life.

– Your Greatest ROI

– Your Body is Always Talking to You

– Maintaining Attitude

– Optional Exercise Sessions

“Chris, your impact on everyone in this office has been remarkable. Through the years of my career, I’ve been privileged to listen to the best of the best speakers/authors of all kinds, from everywhere! I know 100% of our office that attended your presentation would agree that YOU are in your own league and that your healthy lifestyle message is forever embedded with us.”

      – Stephanie M. Ede

Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley


“Chris Johnson delivered two presentations to our clients and financial advisors a month ago and his message has had more effective staying power than any other public speaker I have used. In addition, our clients and staff have made changes to improve their health and this has resulted in better relationships and happier people. It seems like every day someone mentions a change they made due to Chris Johnson’s outstanding, energetic, and well-crafted presentation. Chris and his staff at On Target Living are a pleasure to work with and provide excellent results.”

– David Foster, CFP*, CRPC*, CRPS*

Investments & Wealth Management, Retirement Solutions and Annuities


“This event with Chris was so well received our clients couldn’t say enough. As I shared with Chris, they come in with preconceived notions of what this program may be like and leave the program with excitement, determination and a fresh take on “healthy living”. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to every Merrill Lynch advisor as a way to show clients we care about them. Fantastic job and please thank Chris again for us. We will definitely be having him back for another round in the future.”

– Scott A. Schropp CIMA*, CAP, CTFA

Vice President, Global Wealth Management

Chris’s Client List Includes…

– American Heart Association

– Bank of America

– Blue Cross/Blue Shield

– Invest Financial Corporation

– Ivy Funds

– Jackson National

– Merrill Lynch

– MetLife

– Morgan Stanley

– Nationwide

– Raymond James Financial Services

– Wells Fargo

Travels From:  Michigan
$15,001 to $20,000


On Target Living has been training people for over 25 years

We have trained over 40,000 people, hundreds of organizations both large and small, with one goal in mind…Optimal Performance.  Testimonials from financial advisors are some of our best!  With a combination of both education and the desire to change, they are healthier and performing at higher levels than ever before.

Motivational speaker Chris Johnson is a nationally recognized author. As founder and CEO of On Target Living, a wellness consulting company that helps organizations achieve fitness goals and increase efficiency, he regularly speaks to businesses on the health and wellness strategies needed to infuse energy into their lives and increase productivity in the office.

Chris has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) conferred by the National Speakers Association. The CSP designation is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform competence. Only the top 10 percent of speakers earn this credential which puts Chris Johnson in a class among the world’s best and most elite public speakers. He has worked in partnership with several Fortune 100 companies to improve the overall corporate wellness of their executives and employee base.

Chris holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Michigan State University.


Longevity Planning for Your Retirement Future 


Today, more than ever, the key to sustainable success in the financial world and in life is learning how to build, protect, and manage your own energy! Energy is the commodity that can be limitless and is essential for optimal performance. Many people perform at high levels from time to time, but what would happen if you felt strong and alive with great energy on a consistent basis?

Learn how you can increase your range in your business and in your life – get that juice back in your life. Improve your health, your energy and bring more vitality into your life for peak performance. The keys are in YOU! The time is NOW to be more fully engaged, take on more challenges and have the drive to execute in your business!


In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover how to…

– Build momentum into your business with more energy

– Better understand how your health relates to your wealth in retirement

– Increase your productivity as you increase your vitality

– Set realistic goals

– Gain insight on how your brain takes on new habits

– Find out the key metrics for optimal health and how to stay focused

– Understand stress and how to manage it

– Unlock the secrets to why we lose momentum and the keys to getting it back

– Learn how to make more deposits than withdrawals with your own self‐care investment account

In our fast paced life, sometimes we don’t stop and listen to the warning signs in regards to our health. It takes a doctor or blood profile to show that there is a deeper issue going on. In this presentation you will learn the secrets to listening to your body and what to do to keep your numbers great and how to improve them if they are not so great.


– Cholesterol

– Glucose

– Thyroid

– Prostate

– Blood Pressure

– Heart Rate

This presentation takes our core presentation, “Your Greatest ROI – Your Health”, to the next level. We take attendees further into how to make permanent lifestyle changes. On Target Living addresses common hurdles, motivational techniques and the long-standing benefits of making a permanent change

This can be done either before or after the presentation (after is the most popular)

Areas of expertise

  • Your Greatest ROI – You!
  • Optimal Work/Life Performance
  • Optimizing Energy
  • Coaching
  • Talent Enhancement
  • Inceasing & Developing Focus
  • Wellness Programs & Improve Your Overall Health
  • Maintaining Attitude
  • Feel Your Best
  • Rest/Eat/Move
  • 90-Day Challenge
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