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On Target Living (OTL) is the Leading Authority on Transforming the Health & Performance of People

Health is a Business Strategy


Are you investing in this every day?  On Target Living has created a lifestyle that not only helps you have better health, but allows you to perform at your best. You will never think about your health & performance the same way again.

At On Target Living (OTL), they believe that combining personal health with financial health is the #1 way to blow your organization’s and your client’s mind. What would happen if everybody in your organization had more room in their container? How would this impact your bottom line?

Imagine if your employees were less stressed, able to focus, more engaged, happier, and healthier?

OTL dispels the myths and barriers limiting performance. They deliver simple, actionable skillsets to create immediate impact. Your audience will discover the secrets to creating laser focus, boundless energy, and the unstoppable drive to win.

As the leading authority on small steps to healthy living, On Target Living has created a lifestyle that not only helps you have better health but allows you to perform at your best. You will never think about your health & performance the same way again.

On Target Living is your guide to living a healthy lifestyle through educational resources, keynote speaking, coaching, and superfoods. Their methodology is based on their three pillars: REST | EAT | MOVE. They have tools and resources to help organizations and individuals experience the power of feeling their best.


Core Programs

  • The Power of Feeling Your Best – Rest | Eat | Move
  • Capacity – Taking Care of Your Greatest Asset
  • Decoding Your Health

Additional Programs (Great for a deeper dive in a breakout session or to build out a multi week program)

  • Quieting the Mind – OTL discusses the power of the mind and shares tips for tapping into your greatest potential.
  • The Power of Food – You will learn how to navigate the confusing world of nutrition and develop an eating plan that you enjoy and makes you feel and be your best.
  • Stress & Immunity – This presentation is for YOU. It’s for you to take control of what you can control to handle the chaos around us!
  • The Power of Sleep – Peak performance starts with a great night’s sleep. Learn the core steps to a better night’s sleep.
  • Movement: The Fountain of Youth – OTL discusses the importance of daily movement. It includes guidance on how to develop a movement mindset, information on how movement can quiet the mind and relax the body

Additional Conference Options

  • Q&A with Chris
  • A Morning Movement Session (45 minutes before the start of day)
  • Super Food Tastings


“If the goal of your organization is to improve the health and performance of your greatest asset – your people – I can assure you that Chris Johnson and the On Target Living Team will provide invaluable learnings and assistance.”

“Chris, your impact on everyone in this office has been remarkable. Through the years of my career, I’ve been privileged to listen to the best of the best speakers/authors of all kinds, from everywhere! I know 100% of our office that attended your presentation would agree that YOU are in your own league and that your healthy lifestyle message is forever embedded with us.”
Stephanie M. Ede 
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

“Chris Johnson delivered two presentations to our clients and financial advisors a month ago and his message has had more effective staying power than any other public speaker I have used. In addition, our clients and staff have made changes to improve their health and this has resulted in better relationships and happier people. It seems like every day someone mentions a change they made due to Chris Johnson’s outstanding, energetic, and well-crafted presentation. Chris and his staff at On Target Living are a pleasure to work with and provide excellent results.”
David Foster, CFP*, CRPC*, CRPS* Investments & Wealth Management, Retirement Solutions and Annuities

“This event with Chris was so well received our clients couldn’t say enough. As I shared with Chris, they come in with preconceived notions of what this program may be like and leave the program with excitement, determination and a fresh take on “healthy living”. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to every Merrill Lynch advisor as a way to show clients we care about them. Fantastic job and please thank Chris again for us. We will definitely be having him back for another round in the future.”
Scott A. Schropp CIMA*, CAP, CTFA – Vice President, Global Wealth Management

A Partial List of Chris’s Clients in Financial Services


  • Allianz Life
  • American Heart Association
  • Atria
  • Bank of America
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Invest Financial Corporation
  • Ivy Funds
  • Jackson National
  • Janney Montgomery
  • Merrill Lynch
  • MetLife
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nationwide
  • Putnam Financial
  • Raymond James Financial Services
  • Transamerica
  • Wells Fargo
Travels From:  Michigan
$15,001 to $20,000


On Target Living has been training people for over 30 years

Chris Johnson is a world expert in unlocking human potential. As founder/CEO of On Target Living, Chris is a highly respected expert and accomplished executive, who has spent over 30 years researching and building optimal and performance programs for individuals and corporations. He is the architect of the Food Target® that shifts from counting calories to concentrating on the nutrient values of foods that guide healthy choices.

Chris likes to say he was ‘raised by wolves’. Growing up struggling with terrible skin and chronic health issues, he had no idea how his lifestyle affected his health. The doctors couldn’t help him, and despite all the medications they prescribed, his health did not improve. By his mid-20s, deeply frustrated and feeling hopeless, Chris set out to heal himself. On his quest, he learned how food affects the body, the importance of sleep, and why people need to move. these discoveries transformed his life. Conditions which plagued him for years disappeared, and his energy and attitude reached new heights. Amazed at how good he felt, Chris knew he’d found his calling, and needed to share his discoveries.

Today, Chris works with organizations to transform their performance from the inside out. He applies the principles of REST | EAT| MOVE to educate, engage and inspire teams around the world. Chris graduated from Michigan State University with Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics from Western Michigan University. He holds certification from The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise and Certified Natural Health Professional. Chris earned and maintains a reputation of providing groundbreaking lifestyle modification strategies with integrity, humor and passion.


Smash limiting beliefs and supercharge your life with a dynamic 60-minute experience. Leverage the three critical On Target Living Principles to start building a performance lifestyle. Chris Johnson’s high energy, humorous, and interactive style will engage and motivate your audience and leave them wanting to know more about what does “Feeling your BEST”, feel like? A poor food environment, coupled with the demanding pace of modern-day life, continues to a downward spiral of health.

In the Power Of Feeling Your Best, Chris offers focused strategies to achieve positive results. Exercise, healthier eating habits, and a good night’s rest all contribute to higher performance. Let Chris share practical tools that will guide your entire organization to take immediate action, while inspiring everyone to reach for higher levels of energy, fitness, and overall performance.

Key takeaways:

Challenge limiting beliefs; How to get a better night’s sleep; Making healthier food choices; Implementing a movement mindset

Demands are increasing, capacity is shrinking. Do more with less is the new standard. Your world is moving faster and faster. Organizations are facing burnout, poor performance, high turnover, increased costs, brutal competition, and rapid change. Disruptive new technologies are emerging daily and yet, you are under pressure to do more with less. As stress in the workplace continues to rise; low energy and fragmented focus are jeopardizing the ability to perform. Outdated performance models promise results but fail to deliver real change.

OTL has cracked the code. What if you could beat the clock and expand your capacity by 4.2 hours per week? Or 11? Imagine the impact if you had more capacity to perform, lead, and grow.

In his energizing, humorous, and practical keynote, Chris dispels the myths and barriers limiting performance. He delivers simple, actionable tools to create immediate impact. You will be transformed as you learn the secrets to creating laser focus, boundless energy, and the unstoppable drive to win. You’ll learn to:

  • Use specific techniques to focus instantly and boost productivity.
  • Create energy on a daily basis in all business activities and roles.
  • Break free from the three biggest blockers of motivation.
  • Apply best practices from the world’s most productive companies.
  • Avoid the five biggest capacity killers.
  • Master the three most powerful top performance techniques you’ve never heard of
  • Build a culture that celebrates ownership with unstoppable internal drive.

Problems sleeping? Acid Reflux? Type-2 diabetes? High Blood Pressure? Chronic pain? Low testosterone? Thyroid issues? Weight gain? Stress? Overmedicated? Your doctor ordered a blood test, do you understand the numbers? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time to understand what makes the human body healthy.

Key takeaways:

Risk assessment for disease; Methods to improve gut health and the immune system;
Understanding your numbers

Areas of expertise

  • Your Greatest ROI – You!
  • Optimal Work/Life Performance
  • Optimizing Energy
  • Coaching
  • Talent Enhancement
  • Inceasing & Developing Focus
  • Wellness Programs & Improve Your Overall Health
  • Maintaining Attitude
  • Feel Your Best
  • Rest/Eat/Move
  • 90-Day Challenge
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