Cybercrime is one of the most reported crimes impacting the financial services industry. It is also a huge issue for your clients, and the developing technologies to their access banking services actually further increase the risk not decrease it. Our cybercrime speakers have the experience and knowledge to help you protect what’s most important to you and your clients.

Jeff Lanza

A Former FBI Agent & Expert in Identitiy Theft Prevention & Cyber Security Who Helps Advisers Keep Their Clients Safe in a World of New Emerging Threats

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John Sileo

Helping Helping Financial Advisers Edcuate Their Clients to Better Protect Their Profits, Privacy and Reputation

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Sam Richter

Using Sales Intelligence To Get A Competitive Advantage by Teaching You New Ways to Build Powerful Meaningful Business Relationships

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Steven Ryder

An IT expert who speaks on Cybersecurity Preparedness

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Melissa Agnes

Melissa Agnes helps organisations and individuals turn today’s real-time challenges into a winning crisis management strategy

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John Best

Recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the financial industry, John Best is a futurist, a bestselling FinTech author, an award-winning speaker, hosts a globally recognized podcast show, and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Best Innovation Group. John previously served as CTO and Senior Vice President […]

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