Steven Ryder

An IT expert who speaks on Cybersecurity Preparedness

Advising Planning Firms & Individuals Nationwide on Cybersecurity Issues

Travels From:  New Hampshire


Keynote Speaker Steven Ryder is the President and Founder of True North Networks, LLC. Starting in 2002, True North Networks has been providing straight answers and bright solutions to their technology clients throughout the country.

Prior to starting True North, Mr. Ryder worked in the financial services industry serving as Vice President of two banks, managing relationships with Fannie Mae’s largest New England clients, and was the CFO of the largest real estate company in New Hampshire.

Steven has been to El Salvador and Ecuador more than a dozen times not only building houses with his local Rotary group, but volunteering his time and donating equipment to many local schools within those countries.

His family is currently assisting a young woman in El Salvador attend college. Being a good corporate citizen within his local community and abroad is important to Steven, and he encourages the entire True North team to embrace these components in how they define success and support their community.


Nearly every day you hear about yet another breach happening at a name brand company or financial institution, but how many don’t we hear about? While the numbers are constantly changing, the statistics clearly indicate that over 75% of companies have experienced a security breach within the last two years. Many of these can be avoided by training, policies and enforcement, yet many companies feel they don’t have the time, expertise or money to properly put these items in place.

In this dynamic presentation your advisors will learn:

  • Things you can do to protect your network without breaking the bank
  • Techniques used by hackers to prey on human vulnerabilities
  • How to engage with your IT provider to actively monitor your network
  • Tips on how to work securely on mobile devices

Areas of expertise

  • Cyber Security Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Loss & Recovery
  • Laptop & Mobile Device Loss Mitigation
  • Network & Information Protection

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