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Helping Organizations Protect Their Profits, Privacy and Reputation

Helping Financial Advisors Educate Their Clients to Better Protect Themselves

John  makes a difference by actively ENGAGING audiences in Identity Theft Prevention, Cyber Security, Internet Privacy, Social Engineering & Anti-Fraud Training.

John’s identity was stolen from his business and used to embezzle $300,000 dollars from his clients. While the thief covered his crimes using Sileo’s identity,  John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s company and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail.

What Makes John a Different Keynote Speaker

  • – John’s not just an expert on security, but at presenting relevant content memorably.
  • – His keynote & deep-dive speeches are highly interactive, keeping the audience engaged.
  • – John’s lessons come from first-hand experience, which helps him connect authentically.
  • – His keynote speeches are non-technical, highly actionable and leadership oriented.
  • – He effortlessly links personal and workplace defense, so your audience “owns the data”.
  • – Fortune 500 client: “I’ve never learned so much I was doing wrong and had so much fun doing
  •    it!”
  • Data Spies, Human Hackers & Internet Attackers
  • Cyber Security Secrets for Non-Geeks
  • Your Financial Practice as Hero
  • Think Like a Spy: Aggressive Identity Theft & Fraud Countermeasures
  • Online Reputation Strategies
  • Fraud Jujitsu Bootcamp

“Jaw dropping content laced with laughter.”

–  Homeland Security

“A million thanks for providing an outstanding presentation at our three 2008 Planning Forums in Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis this year. Your session on Identity Theft was one of the highest attended and one of the highest rated. Our audience just LOVED YOU. Your personal story and the information you provided our audience was thoroughly captivating. I’ve never received such an enormous outpouring of thanks for hiring such amazing speakers. Thanks for delivering exactly what you promised and for being so wonderful to work with.”

– Shannon McGowan, Planning forum Manager Lincoln Financial Advisors


“Fantastic presentation! It really made me think about how I handle day to day activities and the information I give out. I have already caught myself doing a ‘STOP’ before giving out personal information.”

– T. Vander Hart, Principal Financial Group

John’s Client List Includes…

  • AARP
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Department of Defense
  • The Department of Treasury
  • Experian
  • FDIC
  • Federal Reserve Bank of NY
  • Fifth Third
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Lincoln Financial Advisors
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Prudential
Travels From:  Colorado
$15,001 to $20,000


Motivational speaker John Sileo  is CEO of The Sileo Group, a privacy think tank that helps organizations protect the privacy that drives their profits.

From the Pentagon to the Boardroom, John shares well-earned lessons of risk exposure to help organizations protect their profits and privacy.

An award-winning author, John’s written several books including Privacy Means Profit. He is also the host of ‘Burning Questions Live’ and has recently appeared on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.

John’s satisfied clients include the Department of Defense, Visa, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Homeland Security, University of Massachusetts, the FDIC, Pfizer, NASBA, the FTC, Lincoln Financial, Northrop Grumman, AARP, the Federal Reserve Bank and scores of corporations, universities, and associations of all sizes.

He graduated from Harvard University with honors and spends his free time snow-shoeing the Rocky Mountains with his remarkable wife and two highly spirited daughters.


Bulletproofing Your Privacy and Profits in the Information Economy

Every move you make in the digital world is tracked, recorded and exploited.  Tools like smartphones, iPads, cloud computing and social media have shifted the competitive landscape in favor of cyber-savvy businesses, prompting a fresh look at an age-old truth: Information is Power.

But are you in control of your digital footprint, or are you being controlled Are you protecting the information your people are sharing on social networks?  Do you understand the risks of storing sensitive intellectual property in the cloud, under someone else’s control?  Are smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi a recipe for costly mobile-data exposure?

Cyber data security expert John Sileo’s presentation will help you and your employees:

  • Control your company’s digital footprint
  • Protect the information being shared on social networks
  • Minimize the risks of storing sensitive intellectual property in the cloud
  • Protect your company from costly mobile-data exposure
  • Discover data privacy strategies and tactical solutions

If you unknowingly stack the deck in favor of data thieves, competitive spies and organized crime, the results will be devastating. On the other hand, if you utilize these technological innovations to your advantage, your bottom line benefits. This presentation highlights current threats and practical, tactical data privacy strategies and solutions.

Protecting Technology and Online Reputations

At the heart of most data theft is lax cyber security, a broad term that will cease to intimidate you after this presentation. Technology evolves so quickly that people fall behind the digital curve and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of protecting the very data that underlies their wealth. In this state, decision makers tend to freeze, make excuses and assume that there is no reasonable, cost-effective way to protect their data. That assumption is both wrong and dangerous.

This crash course forges a high-level, non-technical path through the sometimes confusing web of computer security, mobile technology, Internet connectivity, online privacy and cloud computing. In cyber security, you don’t have to do everything, just the right things.

Leveraging Privacy and Security to Increase Your Profits

No one is in a better position to educate individuals about protecting private identity assets than the financial industry, whether bankers, brokers, agents, accountants or full-fledged advisors.  Not only do you have the “financial ear” of your clients, you also have a moral responsibility to protect them against financial crimes like identity theft, financial fraud and privacy over-exposure.

Here’s the good news: by educating your customers or members about how to protect themselves against all of the financial crimes enabled by the surveillance economy, your practice benefits at the bottom line.


Identity theft and online fraud are destructive side effects of information over-exposure in our digital economy.  Due to the power of personally identifying information, we must leverage identity theft countermeasures to protect everything from Social Security numbers to bank accounts, from passwords to intellectual property.

John Sileo delivers those identity theft countermeasures in a highly interactive, disarmingly humorous presentation inspired by his personal loss of more than $300,000, his business and two years to data theft.  This presentation utilizes The Sileo Group’s Think Like A Spy and SpyKwonDo prevention models to deliver actionable strategies for defending against everything from dumpster divers to computer hackers.

When individuals choose to “own” their identities—to take responsibility for sensitive data—everyone wins.  Developing an emotional connection to data protection benefits the bottom line, and this presentation delivers on that promise.

What would remain of your business if someone maliciously targeted your online reputation? Digital reputation, the online perception of what others believe you to be, is as integral to your bottom line as your bank account. It’s not just your brand, which is primarily self-created, but also a long-termquality score of your character as judged by others.  Thanks to social media, search engine indexing and ubiquitous mobile access, your online reputation is, quite literally, everywhere.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Intelius stated that 74% of respondents said they would refuse to do business with someone who had negative comments about them online. How does your organization monitor, defend and proactively shape its online reputation? Have you taken the pre-emptive steps to build a rock solid reputation before you need it?

Most companies cobble together a tactical plan for online identity (e.g., use social media, rate ourselves online, Google our name), but few leverage that plan strategically to build lasting reputation capital and long-term profitability. In TechKwonDo, John will walk you through the steps to develop both a defensive and offensive strategy that makes the most of your digital reputation and online identity

The greatest influencers in the business world know where to draw the line between persuasion and manipulation.  Criminals and fraudsters, on the contrary, exploit this line, and in doing so, have much to teach us about the highly powerful distinction.

A background in the dark art of manipulation not only prepares you to detect and deter fraud, it also equips you to flip deceit on its head to be used to ethically persuade and influence others.  If you’ve ever needed to train your people to detect fraud or increase their influence, you can do both with this presentation.

Areas of expertise

  • Identity Theft
  • Online Privacy
  • Digital Reputation Management
  • Business Fraud Defense
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Cyber Data Security

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