Jeff Lanza

A Former FBI Agent and Expert in Identity Theft Prevention and Cyber Security

Helping Advisers Keep Their Clients Safe in a World of New Emerging Threats

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Can serious topics be presented in an entertaining way? Would you expect them to be from a retired G-man?

Keynote speaker Jeff Lanza was an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years, investigating corruption, fraud, organized crime, cyber crime, human trafficking and terrorism.

He is a graduate of the world-renowned John E. Reid School of Interviewing and Interrogation. He is a certified FBI instructor and has trained numerous government agencies and corporate clients on how to handle the media tricks that the national television personalities such as Connie Chung and Chris Hansen used on him during his nearly two decades as a crisis communicator with the FBI.

He is passionate about keeping people and organizations safe from risk and has presented to thousands around the globe.

His latest book, Pistols to Press, has received critical acclaim from national media figures.


This presentation focuses on the most current cyber threats against individuals and businesses. From account hijacking to database hacking to the crypto locker ransom scheme, Jeff educates the audience by providing real examples, the vulnerability that allowed the crime to occur and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. There are no technical prerequisites for this program. The presentation targeted to business employees, managers, executives and anyone interested in keeping themselves or business safe from cybercrime.

The main focus of this non-technical presentation is on how prevent the most recent threats involving identity theft, cyber fraud, social networking scams, tax refund fraud and payment fraud. It is the most popular presentation for wealth advisor client events because it answers many questions that advisors receive from their clients. The audience will be informed, inspired to take action and entertained at the same time. Fraud is a serious topic, but as with all of Jeff’s presentations, it incorporates humor to engage the audience and help them remember key learning points.

The main thrust of this presentation is how to prevent various types of internal and external fraud including cybercrime, embezzlement and check fraud. Jeff uses real life examples of the latest hacks, scams and tricks to demonstrate how fraud occurs and what countermeasures individuals and businesses of all sizes can take combat the innovations of criminals.

During his 20-year career as an FBI Special Agent, Jeff Lanza investigated organized crime, cyber-crime, sex trafficking and terrorism. But his main focus was rooting out corruption and fraud. Along the way, he learned what causes the white-collar criminal to step over the line and how their decision-making relates to human morality, values and character. “Leadership Ethics”, applies this insight and perspective to help professionals ensure a future of success and accomplishment while maintaining steadfast and unwavering integrity.

We live in an age where many children know more about communication technology than their parents. Monumental shifts in the way we communicate have provided vast power to a generation of youth whose decision making ability may not have matured to the point where it would prevent them from using the technology to do something that they will ultimately regret. This program can be presented in a children’s version, a parents’ version, or both. Both programs teach how be smart online, avoid the pitfalls of the cyber world and embrace the technology in a safe and productive way.

Is a person buying into your message? Is it time close the deal or try another approach? A retired FBI agent and expert interviewer will help enhance communication skills and business relationships by increasing the ability to understand key signals that make up two-thirds of our projected communication.

Whether you are communicating your ideas to one person, a small group or a large audience, your ability to deliver messages that motivate and inspire is crucial to success. This presentation will focus on how to develop great messages, deliver them effectively and to connect with your clients and stakeholders to achieve maximum results.

This inspirational keynote session, based on real-life and enduring examples from Jeff’s career as an FBI agent, offers a five pillar approach to effective leadership in any organizational setting.

This is extremely educational and timely presentation from an experienced federal law enforcement official about an issue that affects every U.S. citizen.

Rather than invoke fear, this presentation will ease concerns by empowering people with important information about the threat of terror and what they can do about it.

The audience will leave with a better understanding of the roots of terror and how it relates to our risk in America.

The presentation will provide context and perspective and answer many questions that people have about the threat environment and what they can do to protect themselves and their families in the event of an incident

Areas of expertise

  • Ethics & Values
  • Stop Identity Theft
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Cyber Smart is Cyber Safe
  • Nonverbal Communication
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