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Bob Hartnett was employed by the Social Security Administration for over 40 years.

When he retired in 2012, he had just completed his 15th year as a Communications Officer for the agency in Southern California.  In that capacity, he had the opportunity to address over 2,000 groups and organizations about every aspect of Social Security benefits.

Bob draws on his experience to help clients understand the complexities of the Social Security & Medciare system. He takes a complex topic and makes it easy to understand for both advisors and their clients.

Bob is committed to helping advisors better help their clients prepare to maximize their benefits.

  • Welcome to Medicare
  • The Top Ten Myths About Social Security—What People Think They Know But Don’t
  • Social Security–What Every Woman Should Know
  • Social Security Retirement Basics
  • Social Security for Public Employees
  • Is Social Security Going Broke?
  • Husbands & Wives and Social Security

“In my nearly 15 years as both a wholesaler and Financial Advisor I haven’t see many better than Bob. He takes a relatively dry topic (Social Security) that is complex and makes it easy to understand and fun for the audience. His knowledge is second to none, but as important is his ability to help the audience understand some of the “muddier” parts of Social Security. I have always received wonderful feedback from my clients (Financial Advisors) after we have utilized Mr. Hartnett’s services.”

“Bob Hartnett….…because of your engaging, forthright and knowledgeable Social Security presentations, my clients are sleeping better at night.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Hartnett for the past 4 years.  His knowledge and experience (41 years with the Social Security Administration) cannot be duplicated by any other speaker on the topic.  Bob’s presentation skills allow him to deliver needed information for every Baby Boomer in a fun and entertaining way.  Bottom line…Bob Hartnett will not disappoint you or your audience!”

“With your insight and instruction they understood why it is to their benefit to comprehend Social Security and how to seek the highest Social Security Benefit possible. “

Bob’s Client List Includes…

– Edward Jones

– Integrated Wealth Management

– Forethought

– Liang and Quinley Wealth Management

– Lincoln Financial Advisors


– Merrill Lynch

– Natixis Global Asset Management

– Transamerica

– UBS Financial Services

– Wells Fargo

Travels From:  Michigan
City: Detroit
$5,000 and Under


Keynote speaker Bob Hartnett presents seminars and workshops on Social Security & Medicare retirement planning issues for a wide range of financial advisors and their clients. His presentations have included the very popular “Top Ten Myths About Social Security” and “Welcome to Medicare” as well as sessions tailored specifically to women, public employees, and same-sex couples.

Bob Hartnett worked for the Social Security Administration for over 40 years.  He held numerous management positions throughout the Southern California area.  In addition to conducting retirement planning workshops and seminars, he was responsible for coordinating all media outreach activities as well as training large public agencies on specific aspects of Social Security that concern public employees.

He was a frequent presenter for the California Public Employees Retirement System as well as various city, county and state agencies, labor organizations and community groups.

He worked in Social Security’s headquarters during the roll out of the Medicare subsidy outreach program and was a recipient of the Commissioner’s Team Award for those activities.


After working for the Social Security Administration for over 40 years I was never surprised to find that people found the program confusing, but I was always surprised by the number of people who were unaware and disappointed that the benefits weren’t as substantial as what they had expected.  Well, if Social Security is confusing—“Welcome To Medicare!”  And if Social Security benefits sometimes seem less than adequate—“Welcome To Medicare.”

The presentation on Medicare explains that there are really only four parts (A, B, C and D) so how hard can it be?  In reality there are literally hundreds of choices for the Medicare beneficiary.  Part B itself has “supplemental policies” that are categorized into ten subcategories A through N, the number of Part C options available varies by location but can be extensive and in most areas of the country there are well over 60 different part D plans available, all with differing premiums and differing covered drug formularies.  Medicare can be a senior citizen’s nightmare.

The purpose of this program is not to attempt to simplify Medicare but rather to:

  • Review the basic segments of the program.
  • Discuss eligibility requirements and enrollment periods.
  • Outline the various copays, deductibles and coverage gaps.
  • Stress the clear need for supplemental medical insurance or other means to fill the “Medi-gap.”
  • Stress the need for better understanding the limits of Medicare’s hospice coverage.
  • Emphasize the point that Medicare is NOT long term care and that long term care insurance needs are a totally separate insurance issue.
  • Provide some resource referrals for obtaining additional Medicare counselling services (the Medicare SHIP programs available in each state.)


– “I don’t have to plan for retirement; Social Security will take care of me!”

– “My Social Security benefit is based on my last three years of work—or is it my highest five?”

– “If I employ the right strategy, I’ll be able to get rich on Social Security benefits!”

– “When my three ex-wives get finished collecting benefits on my record, there won’t be anything left for me!”



– Survivor’s benefits

– Benefit calculations

– Issues involving divorce

– Medicare eligibility


– Benefit calculations

– Full retirement age defined

– Retirement work and earnings limits

– Strategies for spouses to consider to maximize benefits

– A discussion of what age is best for electing Social Security benefits

– Basic Medicare issues



– Benefit calculations

– Windfall Elimination Provision

– Government Pension Offset

– Medicare issues for public employees


– Long-term financial solvency

– Some proposals for reform

– The toughest questions people ask about the program’s future

Areas of expertise

  • Social Security
  • Social Security for Husbands & Wives
  • Social Security for Women
  • Social Security for Same Sex Couples
  • Social Security for Public Employees
  • Top Ten Myths about Social Security
  • Answering All Your Social Security Questions


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