Barbara Sanfilippo

Become a High Definition Person®

CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker Who Inspires Breakthrough Performance At Work and in Life®

With every presentation, Barb Sanfilippo’s goals are to deliver exceptional value, generate a positive ROI for her clients and help people live and work at the highest level possible, in High Definition.

Barb inspires audiences and businesses to act on their highest aspirations, transform old beliefs, enrich customer relationships, increase sales, and experience work and life at the highest level possible—in High Definition!

She is known for delivering both highly inspirational as well as high-content business programs in an engaging and enthusiastic style. Her firm partners with banks, credit unions, wholesalers, advisors and producers to build deeper client and member relationships and grow their business organically.

Barb is one of less than 150 speakers worldwide to have both the Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP) and the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame awarded by the National Speakers Association.

Her Programs are proven to:

  • Inspire insurance and investment professionals and their spouses to live in high definition™, enjoy Cappuccino Moments™ and Dream Big!
  • Offer advisors and producers strategies to grow their business and think like a CEO
  • Provide advisors and producers ideas to deepen relationships and increase revenue per client
  • Give agency principals proven strategies to engage their staff, create a high performance marketing team and increase their revenue per employee
  • Turn wholesaler, broker/dealer and agency staff from order takers to relationship builders
  • Encourage marketing staff and wholesalers to avoid product dumping, create producer loyalty and position themselves as consultants and business partners
  • Show bank and credit union executives and CEO’s how to break down silos and position wealth/insurance services as a key strategy
  • Help banks and credit unions integrate insurance and investment products into their offerings

Barbara’s Most Popular Financial Services Programs

  • The High Definition Client Experience – Reach Out, Re-Engage and Re-Define the Customer Experience (for advisors)
  • High Definition Banking® -Reach Out, Re-Engage and Re-Define the Customer Experience (For banks and credit unions)
  • Is Onboarding the Beginning or the End?—What’s Next in the Client Relationship?
  • Experience Life and Work in High Definition™
  • Lead in High Definition™ – Best Practices of High Performing Sales Leaders
  • Value Added

We have rarely had a session that received as many positive comments as yours. Comments like, “best ever,” and, “Bring more people like Barbara!” helped make this session the highest rated program at this meeting. The amount of time you spent prior to the meeting getting to know our members—their needs, their challenges—and making sure that your message provided information they could actually use was tremendous! We here at NAILBA are looking forward to your return keynote at our June Focus meeting!
National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies

It’s rare for a speaker to score all 5’s on the evaluations and you did just that! Our advisors appreciated your high energy, interactive style and solid content. One producer wrote, “Best speaker ever! Great ideas I can use in my practice and my life—bring her back!”
Financial Network

Your energizing and entertaining keynote, Build a Business, Advise a Client, Get a Life!, for our financial advisors was spot on and filled with valuable ideas to leverage their time and talents. I particularly appreciated your challenge to think like a CEO and giving us creative outsourcing ideas to offload time consuming activities so we can focus on building our business. In fact, business owners in any industry can benefit from this program—excellent content, engaging delivery and important message!
Ameriprise Financial (independent advisor conference – five city tour)

When I first heard your excellent presentation at our Raymond James conference, I knew I had to get you to partner with our bank. As a result of your outstanding workshops, structured process, follow up and telecoaching, I am receiving three times the number of referrals before we began our Managing Customer Relationships program with you. In addition, of our 38% asset growth in 2010, at least one quarter to half of that growth was due to the additional referrals. Specifically, we have $2.5M in new assets now under management in our Wealth Management area directly resulting from the new consultative sales approach that you introduced. Best of all, we appreciate your amazing energy and enthusiasm for keeping us all on track. Thanks Barb.
Raymond James, Bank Advisor

Super job Barb–you met the challenge! You not only delivered a highly-rated opening and closing keynote; you also facilitated our first ever idea sharing and action planning session for our advisors at our wealth conference. By connecting the dots between all our sessions, you were able to inspire our advisors to take action and challenge them to grow their business in these uncertain times. Your energizing program, Your Best Year Ever–Believe It, See it, Do It! provided our folks with excellent content, an uplifting message and a plan to get started. The rave reviews you received indicate how powerful your approach was and enthusiasm continuing after their return to their offices. Thanks for your support in making our conference a big success! RBC Wealth Management


A Partial List of Barbara’s Clients

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Aviva Insurance
  • Bank of America
  • Financial Network
  • Invest
  • Investment Centers of America
  • Jackson National Life
  • Legacy Marketing Group
  • Primevest
  • Raymond James
  • Sun Bank
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Transamerica Insurance
  • Union Bank of California
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Travels From:  California
City: San Diego
$10,001 to $15,000


Barbara Sanfilippo is Much More Than a Motivational Keynote Speaker.

Barbara is a business-motivational speaker, consultant, author, and coach. However, she is not your typical “rah-rah” motivational speaker. Yes, she creates excitement and people in the audience have fun. But in addition to inspiring and energizing, she delivers a long-remembered, differentiated experience by providing ideas and practical, immediately applicable tools that get lasting results.

Her presentations can be either purely motivational and inspirational or purely business or a blend of both. You decide. She’s able to motivate and inspire people because she understands how to make things happen in life and has done it. From humble beginnings in a “pasta-loving”, Italian family in Brooklyn, N.Y., she left the old neighborhood and got her first significant job as an office manager on Wall Street. A few years later, with a sense of adventure and a move to San Francisco, she created a successful career in sales and then as a VP & Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America.

In the course of leading sales teams, running sales meetings and speaking at sales rally’s, she discovered her real gift was encouraging, developing and inspiring people to aim higher, take action, be the best they could be and make a difference. So she took a risk by leaving a secure job to become a motivational speaker. Her book, Dream Big – What’s The Best That Can Happen?, has inspired thousands to take full responsibility for creating results in their lives.

Ready for more challenge, years later she launched a training and consulting business with her soul mate, husband, and business partner Bob Romano. Having made motivational speaking her passion and life work, she became one of the highest rated speakers at conferences. In 2000, she was inducted into the prestigious National Speakers Association CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

Your Focus

Business Focus – If your primary interest is having your audience improve their know-how in a particular area of business, buy into a new company initiative and leave the meeting feeling great about the message, she’ll communicate practical and actionable ideas, provide powerful tools with take-home value, AND motivate your audience to WANT to apply what they learned back on the job. She’ll shake up the status quo and increase buy-in and personal responsibility.

Professional Growth Focus – If your interest is having your audience be more engaged in their job and in life, take more personal ownership, change their mindset, get unstuck, expand their horizons, be uplifted and dream bigger, she’s an expert at providing powerful tools for changing lives, and inspiring people to take action. She awakens people’s potential for experiencing gratification they never thought they could achieve and living the life they want.


Are you truly relevant in the lives of your clients? Do they view you as a trusted financial partner essential in their life journey or someone just managing their investments? If you want loyal clients, more referrals and profitable relationships, it may be time to re-define your sales model and create a truly differentiated client experience.  After all with financial anxiety at an all-time high, your clients have lots of choices.  Let’s make sure they choose and keep you on their team!

In this idea-packed session you will:

  • Have the opportunity to evaluate and rate your current client experience program
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in your practice
  • Receive proven ideas to implement a client relationship management program or ramp up your existing one.
  • Discover how to reach out, re-engage and re-define how you turn relationships into revenue and much more!

Are you relevant? Do your customers or members view you as a financial partner or “just another errand”? Do they give you their transaction business but go elsewhere for financial advice, borrowing or investing needs? To truly differentiate and position your organization as a financial partner you must redefine your sales model, move beyond transactional cross-selling to trusted relationships and demonstrate you are passionate about the financial well-being of your customers or members.

We must find a way to improve organic growth and connect with the increasing number of people who rely predominantly on electronic and mobile banking. Translation: they’re not coming into your branches and opportunities are being lost!

In this highly-rated and thought-provoking session you will:

  • Have the opportunity to rate where your bank or credit union stands now
  • Discover how to reach out, re-engage and re-define how you turn relationships into revenue!
  • Identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Learn how to implement a customer or member relationship management program or ramp up your existing one
  • Receive a proven multi-year roadmap to advance beyond basic onboarding to customer/member reboarding and ultimately, financial coaching


Are you underwhelmed with your onboarding and client acquisition program? How are you continuing the relationship with new and disengaged clients that no longer visit with you? When onboarding and welcoming new clients, you may be missing a big opportunity to expand relationships beyond the first critical 90 days. Strong relationships are created by focusing on building trust and being positioned as a counselor, educator and financial partner. The result is loyalty that continually generates business beyond the initial onboarding and years beyond.

If you want to differentiate and grow your practice this session is for you!  You will:

  • Learn the three most common onboarding pitfalls and client turn-offs
  • Discover why implementing a reboarding and outreach process is essential to re-engage long-term, existing clients
  • Evaluate your current onboarding and acquisition process
  • Create and convey an authentic and inspiring value promise that sets you apart
  • Understand the magic of content and informative touch points to empower your clients to feel in control and experience financial peace.
  • Leave energized with actionable ideas to take your practice to the next level!

Note:  Can also be tailored for banks and credit unions.

Imagine feeling optimistic, joyful, peaceful, inspired and purpose-filled despite a stressful job, daily challenges or life circumstances. Imagine being full of life, energized and appreciated by those you serve. We call these folks High Definition People®.

Everyone has the potential to experience personal and professional gratification. Still, many of us settle for the status quo or let doubt and worry sabotage our efforts to move on. High Definition People® have learned that living life well is a discipline and a choice that involves much more than striving for a big bank account. It means participating in life rather than observing it, believing rather than doubting, giving rather than getting.  High Definition People area defined by their character.

In this highly engaging and inspirational program you’ll learn how to experience life and work at the highest level possible – in high definition!  You will learn how to:

  • Think differently and monitor your thoughts with a renewed mindset
  • Get unstuck from the status quo and make better decisions that impact your life
  • Awaken your desire to make a difference and live with a higher purpose
  • Enjoy and appreciate the present with Cappuccino Moments™
  • Use powerful principles and fun tools to help turn your dreams into reality



Imagine you are a highly respected leader with the ability to connect with, develop and inspire your team in ways that bring out their best performance – even breakthrough performance! You don’t just rely on reports, goals and results. You know how to tap into what drives each member of your team. They achieve unprecedented results because you invest time to develop, coach and inspire them to be all they can be. Simply put—you lead in high definition!

Whether you lead a sales team, manage a support function or are a CEO, High Definition Leaders™ think of themselves as Olympic coaches and servant leaders committed to helping each team member “go for the gold”. Instead of being preoccupied with past performance and results, they are experts at coaching activities that impact future performance.

In this energizing and interactive session, you’ll leave with actionable ideas and be inspired to build a high-performing sales team.  You will learn:

  • The top six techniques used by Olympic coaches to raise performance
  • The secret to getting buy-in and winning team commitment
  • Why focusing exclusively on lagging indicators and results may hinder success
  • The #1 most critical yet overlooked ingredient of successful coaching
  • How to transform mindsets and increase personal responsibility
  • The #1 motivational exercise to inspire breakthrough performance




Barbara Sanfilippo is not only a popular business motivational speaker but a respected consultant and coach. Here are some additional ways High Definition People® can work with your organization during or after Barbara’s presentation to reinforce and sustain the message, get your attendees to actually apply the ideas, address issues that may impact results and better insure your ROI.

Executive Debrief – In the course of learning a great deal about your company during her pre-speech preparation, Barbara gains valuable insights into issues that sometimes only an outsider can see. If you choose to do so, she will debrief your executive team on potential challenges, pitfalls to avoid and also provide proven ideas on how to address them.

Tele-Coaching – Thirty to sixty days after Barb’s presentation a highly interactive telecoaching call can be scheduled with a group of your attendees to maintain the momentum and instill accountability. The purpose is to review key principles, share successes in how they used ideas from the presentation and discuss any obstacles. Attendees are expected to prepare for the call and contribute to the facilitated discussion.

Workshops – If improving a skill or getting specific results is a high priority, a keynote may not be the best format. Allotting more time with some application and discussion exercises can often improve sustainability. Any of Barbara’s presentations can be turned into 2-3 hour workshop or what we call, a keynote/workshop blend.

Relationship Building Consulting and Training – In situations where more intensive training is needed to transition from a culture focused mainly on transactional selling to a relationship building culture, our High Definition Banking® services may be what is needed. After her keynote Barbara is available to assist with identifying challenges, avoiding pitfalls and recommending follow-up reinforcement, training and a multi-year process to make the transition. An implementation action plan can be developed on request. For banking professionals, checkout our complete offering of consulting and training services.

Panel Moderator – Barbara will switch from her role as an expert to shining the light on the panelists and their expertise. Clients often ask her to moderate a customer/employee or top performer panel that supports her keynote or workshop with your objectives. She’ll prepare advance questions for the panel, keep the conversation lively, engage the audience and make them part of the dialogue. Employees will learn best practices from your top performers and/or just how your customers feel.

Areas of expertise

  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Leadership Development
  • Work Life Balance
  • Customer Relationships
  • Culture Change
  • Business Development
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