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Your Expert on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and Overall Medical Costs

Delivering Information, Statistics & Strategies That are Immediately Applicable

It is estimated that 95% of Americans receiving Medicare benefits pay too much for their coverage.  How do you, or your loved ones avoid that fate?

Dr. Kay provides expert assistance for people looking for un-biased health coverage advise.

GOODCARE is a nationwide independent consulting firm specializing in the economics of healthcare. They provide expert assistance to people at all stages of their lives to help them understand and select the best health coverage available today.

They work strictly for YOU. They do not represent or sell any particular health plan. Their expertise is healthcare cost analysis tailored to your personal situation.


Healthcare issues are increasingly in the news, and it’s difficult to keep track of all the changes and how they may relate to your business. Dr. Katy develops customized presentations and materials to meet the specific concerns of your business as they relate to healthcare costs

  • Long-Term Care & Other Health Care Issues
  • What’s the Damage? The Impact of Medicare on Retirement Planning


GOODCARE specializes in helping Financial Advisors, small business owners, and individuals plan for and manage the health care costs of their clients, employees and family.

“This is the best session I’ve attended so far from the standpoint of providing useful information.”

“Fantastic session—comprehensive, concise, relevant—topic would justify an entire day!”

“Came away with some good take aways to implement in my practice and in my client meetings.”

Travels From:  New York
City: Rochester
$5,001 to $10,000


Keynote speaker Dr. Katy Votava has in-depth experience as a nurse practitioner and healthcare administrator. She is an expert in healthcare and quality improvement, outcomes, including those related to Medicare, home care and long-term care.

A major focus of Dr. Katy’s research is healthcare costs and outcomes for people during their retirement years. She has featured on the Nightly Business Report, and speaks frequently on healthcare finance.

Dr. Katy created the consulting firm® to help financial advisors and their clients all over the United States save money on their healthcare costs.® is also an online source for information, resources, and free tools in order to help more people plan and pay for their healthcare.


This presentation focuses on helping advisors help their clients get the most out of retirement by thinking about future health care needs now and what options you have. Dr Katy provides solutions on how to cut our unnecessary healthcare costs, limit out-of-pocket exposure and to be prepared for any catastrophic expenses that could occur. In return this allows your clients to invest more, minimizes unnecessary decumulation of assets and provides them with a tremendous sense of security.

  • How does Healthcare Cost planning fit into Retirement Planning?
  • Long Term Care planning
  • How do Long Term Care & Medicare fit together?
  • Simple solutions to incorporate into Retirement Planning practice including Financial Advisor checklists

This program discusses the following key points to helping you better understand Medicare and how you can help your clients understand Medicare.

  • Strategies to deal with Medicare Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) “cliff brackets” in retirement planning.
  • Understand the application of new features within Medicare to retirement planning and budgets.
  • Methods to help your clients avoid lifelong Medicare penalties and minimize the cost of Medicare.
  • Simple solutions to incorporate into your retirement planning practice.

Their process is simple. Give them a call and let them know that you are referring your client to them. They put every effort into providing excellent service to your clients to help them achieve their goal of having an effective healthcare solution that meets their individual needs.

Offering the right health insurance plan to your employees can be one of the most difficult decisions of a small business owner, especially since the health insurance landscape changed in 2010 when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law. The new law instituted changes, which has made health insurance more affordable for small businesses. You now have  more options to consider which can be overwhelming.

Areas of expertise

  • Healthcare
  • Long-Term Care
  • Advise on Healthcare Costs
  • Employee Benefits
  • Medicare
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