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Power Entertaining with America's First Master Sommelier

Let America's foremost wine and food expert teach you the secrets to mastering the art of entertaining.

 Discover How America’s FIRST Master Sommelier Can Help You Win More Clients And Increase your AUM FASTER and EASIER Than Ever Before!

When you’re trying to close a high net-worth client, you’ve got to impress. The first way to impress them is by giving them an experience they’ve never had before. When you treat your clients like royalty, you instantly become the ONLY firm they choose to manage their portfolio.

Eddie Osterland, America’s First Master Sommelier, will help you create an experience your clients and prospects will remember for months and years to come. Eddie believes that food and wine are the international currency for connection. When it comes to your clients, you want to show them the very best.

Every single marketing and sales dollar has to be spent carefully to consistently increase the assets you manage. And Eddie’s signature Client Experience programs will help you do just that.

Eddie’s Client Experience programs will set you apart from the competition to make you the market leader, closing more deals and generating more referrals than standard sales strategies.

His interactive experience fits in with the marketing plans you already have, augmenting your marketing campaign to attract the right investors to your portfolios.

Learn from Eddie’s new operating system the secrets Sommeliers use to entertain others in ways they will never forget and have them want to do business with you again and again.

  • Use Power Entertaining as a powerful business development and client relations strategy.
  • Learn new client acquisition strategies using Food and wine.  – the international currency for connection to attract High Net Worth Clients!
  • Strengthen and build long-term business relationships based on the time-honored principles of courtesy, generosity, and old-world hospitality.
  • Transform boring business meeting and sales functions into memorable social events that people will want to attend again and again.
  • Close Big Deals using Food and Wine with ease, knowledge and confidence.
  • Become a “center of influence”.  Learn to brand yourself and your company with others by creating memorable and enjoyable social events that people will long remember and always associate with you!
  • Get world-class service in upscale restaurants even on the busiest nights.

For many people today, business entertaining is part of the job description—at least the implicit job description and now you’ve realized its part of your job description too!  Now, more than ever, you cannot afford to be naïve about “Power Entertaining with Food and Wine – The International Currency for Connection.

  • Keynote Dinner Program: Power Entertaining with Food and Wine
  • Reception: Passport to the Wines Around the World
  • Breakout Training Sessions: Power Entertaining for Executives and Financial Professionals

“We had Eddie do his Power Entertaining reception for Questmont this year…bottom line: Nearly one-third of the attendees were non-clients (Attorneys and CPAs) who have referred us, numerous high net-worth clients, with whom we are following up on. As well, we landed one direct client at the event whose contribution covered the expense of the entire event.”
Taylor Ranker, CEO Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors

“Eddie Osterland is not only America’s First Master Sommelier, he is a brilliant businessman who understands the principles of how to make occasions special. He can show you how to make any meeting or event a more memorable and impactful event. His mastery is matching the elements to the intended results. He has toured the world training senior executives in the finer touches of leadership and gracious business practices. Let him show you how to make your business dealings more fun and more creative. I learn from him and admire him. You will too!”
Jim Cathcart, Author, Relationship Selling Past President of the National Speaker’s Association

Dear Eddie,

As you know, providing unique and memorable educational and entertainment experiences to our high and ultra-high net worth clients and prospects is a crucial part of our business development and retention strategy. Over the now twenty-plus years that you and I have conducted activities together, I can honestly say that nothing my team has tried has been more successful in establishing and nurturing relationships than the events we have done together.

Our clients and prospects are worldly and can have whatever they desire. The ability to provide them with an experience that is really fun and unforgettable, and have them learn advanced and new things about food and wine (subjects near and dear to our demographic) is a great opportunity for us, and for whomever may choose to use you at their events.

Warmest Regards,
Kelly E Dougherty, SVP Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

“We have engaged America’s first Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland to conduct our annual client appreciation dinner for the last 11 consecutive years. This is an enormous event involving nearly 200 people globally from Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia as well as from the New York tri state area.

Eddie has consistently entertained and educated our best clients in a fashion that is ‘World Class” in New York standards. We would highly recommend utilizing his services for any events where you need to impress your clients and friends. This dinner is touted by clients as THE event to attend in New York City.”
Rich Rauchenberger, EVP/General Manager New York Branch, National Australia Bank

“Successful leaders know all about the importance of nurturing their relationships with colleagues and business associates. If you’re looking for a new way to entertain clients or develop business, I highly recommend using Eddie Osterland, America’s first Master Sommelier. His Power Entertaining dinner is something we have used to attract new clients. His event is highly entertaining as well as offering guests great take-a-way home entertaining strategies.”
Joseph G. Romano Ill, CRPC Managing Director, Partner HighTower Advisors, LLC.

“For those of you who attended our Napa conference, you got to see for yourselves the value and experience that Eddie Osterland provides. As he says, food and wine are the international currency of connection. Since we want to attract and retain high net worth clients as the core of our business, I think there is no better way to do that than to hire Eddie to do events for your clients and prospects. Additionally, I have used Eddie’s other service, which involves creating very special and remarkable gifts of wine pairings for clients for the holidays and special occasions.

My clients have loved it and been raving. I also highly recommend you consider that service as well.  The more of us that avail ourselves of Eddie’s services, the lower the costs will be for all of us. Please see his note to me below with more information about costs and ideas. I suggest reaching out to Eddie now yourself if you have not already done so and talking about how he can help you in your specific situation.”
Joshua D. Rogers, Founder & CEO, Arete Wealth Management


All of our clients and the entire FNC team were just blown away by the spectacular performance on Monday evening at the Windsor Court Hotel. You were a SMASH HIT! Let me share some of the written comments we’ve received from our clients.

“FANTASTIC! Learning about wines was a wonderful surprise.”

“Best client conference EVER – the evening with Eddie Osterland was outstanding.”

“The conference was superb – great speakers, great food and great fun – the wine tasting was a special treat. I’m still talking about it.”

It goes without saying YOU made FNC’s 2009 Client Conference a huge success. Your presentation style, engaging personality and attention to detail dovetailed nicely with FNC’s overall customer objectives. Eddie, you’ll certainly be high on the list of repeat presenters at future FNC functions.

Thanks again for making FNC’s 2009 Client Conference so memorable. All the best to the BEST!
Jeffrey Triplette, President & Chief Operating Officer

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Book Reviews

“Finally, we have a book on how to cement business relationships that last. Eddie Osterland shares the rare entertaining insights that can create a memorable experience for those you care about in your life and work. It is not only an art, but a defi ned strategy for growing your business or organization. This is a must-read for every business owner, executive, and professional in the marketplace!”

Mark LeBlanc President of Small Business Success; Author of  Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same


“Edmund Osterland is not only America ’s First Master Sommelier, he is a brilliant businessman who understands the principles of how to make occasions special. He can show you how to make any meeting or event a more memorable and impactful event. His mastery is matching the elements to the intended results. He has toured the world training senior executives in the finer touches of leadership and gracious business practices. Let him show you how to make your business dealings more fun and more creative. I learn from him and admire him. You will, too!”

Jim Cathcart Past President of the National Speakers Association; Author of  Relationship Selling    


Travels From:  California
City: San Diego
$15,001 to $20,000


Eddie Osterland, America’s first Master Sommelier, is an internationally acclaimed expert in the culinary arena of food and wine. For more than 25 years, Motivational Speaker Eddie Osterland has performed his workshops and given educational and highly entertaining “during dinner” presentations on Power Entertaining with Food and Wine. Clients use Eddie’s lifestyle coaching to strengthen customer relationships, design annual client-appreciation events and execute corporate events that go way beyond expectations. They realize how today, more than ever, you cannot affort to be naïve about food and wines — the international currency for connection.

Audiences everywhere know him as witty, approachable and non-intimidating. He gives them the knowledge and skill they need to enjoy wine, and gives them confidence to entertain.

Eddie’s educational background evolved from a degree in behavioral psychology to graduating from L’Institut d’oenologie at Université de Bordeaux with the D.U.A.D. degree (diplôme d’aptitude a la deégustation des vins). He went on to become the first American to pass the grueling Master Sommelier Diploma in London in 1973. Upon returning to the United States, Eddie worked as Director of Trade Education at the International Wine Center in New York City. He was the wine editor for Restaurant Business magazine for a decade.

Over the course of his career, Eddie has worked with organizations and coached leaders from a wide range of prestigious companies, including Citibank, General Mills, Proctor & Gamble and IBM. In 2008 he participated in several major corporate entertaining events at the Beijing Olympics.



When you want to host a memorable dinner for your best High-Net-Worth clients, traditional surf & turf won’t leave the impression you want. Instead, offer your clients exceptional cuisine paired with unique food-wines that most people have never before experienced.

In this “During Dinner” event Eddie utilizes pairs of wines to enhance your client event dinner and will work with your chef to custom design a dinner, unlike any others they have seen. And he’ll speak during your dinner to not only entertain your clients, but teach them his Seven Power Entertaining Tips taken from his book, Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships, Hosting Unforgettable Events, and Closing Big Deals from America’s 1st Master Sommelier.

During this dinner, your clients will discover how to entertain differently so that they become even more influential in their own circles. They’ll discover how to wow their friends, their clients, and their peers with entertaining that goes beyond expectations.

One of the biggest struggles when hosting a high-end client reception is getting them to move through the area, instead of simply camping out by the bar or food and leave without ever interacting with your advisors.

In this event, Eddie will meticulously create stations that you can use to spread your prospects through the reception – so that you can have them interact with each one of your top advisors and allow them to get a feel for the style your company has with its investment products.

Each guest will receive a Passport – designed to mimic a real U.S. Passport, that will help guide them through 5 stations at your reception. As they sample Eddie’s “Power Pairings”, people will discover how food & wine need to amplify each other’s assets.

People will be encouraged to taste the food & wine together in the mouth…here, true synergy [1+1 = 3 ] will show people how wine should be perceived as a condiment, rather than as a beverage.

By delivering this one-of-a-kind experience, Eddie ensures that your event becomes a focal point of conversation – they’ll return home with their “branded” Passports and tell their friends, business associates, and peers about the experience they had.

And they’ll remember you fondly when it comes time to make an investment.

This is the more academic side of the Power Entertaining with Food and Wine event. It is a class that is handled with a dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

It is not done with a meal; however minimal food is used simply for the purpose of illustrating the concept of “food wines”. We roll up our sleeves, and delve more deeply into the entertaining issues that corporate executives face regularly. We use five wines; one sparkling, two whites, and two reds.

Teaches you how to transform boring business meetings and sales functions into memorable social events that people will want to attend again and again.

Helps you build long-term business relationships based on the time-honored principles of courtesy, generosity and old world hospitality

Success is always in the details, so master the finer points of entertaining before your next big business event.

Areas of expertise

  • Power Entertaining
  • Wine
  • Food & Wine Pairings
  • New Client Acquisition Strategies
  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Hosting Unforgettable Events
  • Closing Big Deals
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