John Iacovelli

Helping Financial Professionals Seek Value & Affordability in the College Selection Process for Their Clients' Children

John Iacovelli brings a unique set of skills to the college selection process. He was not only a Dean of Enrollment but has worked extensively in the financial aid arena and knows the FAFSA process and college aid packaging at a high level. He has developed a number of guiding principles that will bring value to your clients’ college search and make the experience as affordable as possible.

What Make’s John’s Program Distinct

  • First and foremost, his extensive knowledge of both the college admissions process and financial aid.
  • His ability to select colleges/universities from a value basis and not a purely emotional approach.
  • How he helps you develop strategies for paying for college that minimize the dependence on college loans for your clients
  • The College Selection Process: Separating Myth from Reality

John delivers his program for both financial professionals as well as their clients.

“John is passionate about educating families on the intricate details of the admissions process and financing a college education.”
Danielle M. School Counselor

“Simply a dynamic engaging public speaker with insider knowledge of the college selection process.”
Frank W. School Counselor

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City: Hammonton
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Stockton University | Galloway, NJ

Designed, developed, and implemented a comprehensive admissions strategy, which represented the University’s enrollment and diversity goals. Managed an Enrollment staff of forty-two (42) who effectively implemented institutional policies and served the various student cohorts. Managed and evaluated all student financial aid programs of the University, including federal and state programs.

Managed the Veterans Affairs Program of the University as it relates to financial assistance for veterans. Maintained close working relationships with the Office of the Registrar, especially in the development of the student database and registration. Assisted in the development of University recruitment-related publications in cooperation with the University Relations & Marketing.

Planned, designed, and implemented a coordinated set of services designed to assist students, families, schools, and lenders regarding all state student assistance programs. Administered an operating budget for the Division of $4.4 million with a staff of thirty-three (33).

Served as HESAA’s primary point of contact for all media inquiries. Acted as primary point of contact to numerous constituent groups including high school counselors, college enrollment officials, and college aid officers. Served as chief negotiator and liaison for HESAA in the development of new student loan business. Coordinated all HESAA-sponsored conferences and events.


Preparing for College

• It begins at birth. Consider a 529 Plan or Roth IRA for college savings as soon as possible

• Foster your child’s educational journey promoting individual thought and personal responsibility

• Every parent should have the goal of making their child a “habitual reader.”

• Support the development of all skills which can include academic, music, athletic, or leadership. There are many opportunities for scholarships in these areas.

Selecting a College

• The opportunity to earn a college degree has never been greater. This is a buyer’s market.

• Decouple competitiveness for admission from quality programs offered by less competitive colleges. Seek out the “pockets of excellence” that many schools can offer.

• Nearly all families should file a FAFSA for their college bound senior…Do not assume you will be ineligible.

• Know the difference between scholarships (skill based) vs grants (need based).

• Keep emotions in check when selecting a college.

• Avoid excessive college loan debt, especially in earning a baccalaureate degree.

Areas of expertise

  • College Selection Process
  • The Financial Aid Process
  • Early Planner College Strategy
  • Comprehensive College Selection Strategy

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